Another Tack: Gilad is not Avigdor

By definition, opinion-molders determine what we focus on. Whatever doesn’t serve their agenda will be defined as nothing we need bother our inferior uninformed minds about. We’re not to dwell on anything untoward in the fortunes of protagonists who’re either favored by advocacy journalists or who aren’t in the way of bias-disseminators. If it doesn’t pay to get on someone’s case, odds are our outrage won’t be drummed up.

That’s why a deadly hush greeted the announcement that the police has at long last concluded its lethargic-cum-reluctant decade-long investigation into alleged bribery charges in the Cyril Kern and Martin Schlaff cases.

Oh hum. Who cares? After all, Gilad Sharon’s name isn’t Avigdor Lieberman.

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