Another Tack: The heroes we choose

Last week ex-con Tali Fahima – found guilty in 2005 of aiding and abetting the enemy – made headlines yet again. Fahima – who by her own admission volunteered to serve as a human shield for Zakariya Zubeidi, chief of Jenin’s al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades – paid a condolence visit to the family of the jihadist who cold-bloodedly massacred eight young students at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva. She blamed Israel for his demise during the commission of indiscriminate slaughter. Continue reading

Another Tack: Time to shut up

You can safely bet your bottom shekel that Binyamin (“Fuad”) Ben-Eliezer’s command of Yiddish is just about as extensive as his command of Latin. You can further take for granted the probability that he has no inkling about how “cogito ergo sum” originated, what “kibitz” means, how they are connected and why he himself is the link which annoyingly binds all the above together. Continue reading

Another Tack: In the name of the father

What a tearjerker! What heartbreak! So much orchestrated media compassion for poor Omri on his entry into durance vile. Such orchestrated media angst about the new inmate’s quality of life behind bars. Such orchestrated media lamentations about the excessiveness of the sentence. Such orchestrated media downplay of the crime. Such orchestrated media insinuation about the blamelessness of this pitiable convict ex-Knesset member, former political master-manipulator and one-time “director-general of the state,” who accrued clout solely via the luck of lineage. Continue reading