About Sarah

Sarah Honig is a veteran columnist and senior editorial writer.

During her decades-long history on the Jerusalem Post, she served for many years as its political correspondent (a position she also held on the now-defunct but once-influential Davar), headed the Post’s Tel Aviv bureau and wrote daily analyses of the political scene, along with in-depth features.

Sarah was born in Israel and reared both in Israel and the United States. She was educated at the High School of Music and Art in New York City and at Tel Aviv University.

She began work as a reporter for the Jerusalem Post while still a student. From the inception of the aliya movement in the USSR, Sarah was the leading reporter covering Soviet Jewry’s struggle, often breaking the stories which were then picked up by news outlets throughout the world.

In the early 1980’s Sarah became the Post’s senior political correspondent. She produced a weekly column on the intricacies of Israeli politics, Insider Dealings. From 1991–2001 she was the Post’s often nonconformist political analyst who spiritedly offered unusual perspectives and spotlighted the background behind the headlines.

Currently Sarah is a senior editorial writer at the Jerusalem Post, contributing daily editorials on a broad variety of topics.

Sarah’s column, Another Tack – covering Israel and world affairs – has been appearing since 1999.

Aside from Sarah’s long-spanning career, she is also a mother and an artist (specializing in oil and pastel portraits). She is an avid collector of antique and vintage dolls and loves gardening with the friendly, albeit not-so-helpful accompaniment of her cat and dog.