Another Tack: There's a hole in the bucket

News flash: Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit has announced his intention to somehow strip absconded former Knesset Member Azmi Bishara of Israeli citizenship.

It’s high time, but then again, there’s no time like election time to appear to be doing the belated right thing.

This, however, in no way guarantees that the right thing will indeed be done. Bishara can safely count on the Zionists’ highest court to rise to his defense despite the likelihood of offending plebeian concepts of fairness. Israeli judges habitually dismiss the clueless masses as too dense to fathom legal intricacies mandated by the greater good – as defined by superior sophisticated souls. Continue reading

Another Tack: Fraudulent misrepresentation

The yearnings of vintage doll aficionados in Israel are rarely requited. Trying to acquire the genuine article in this country is generally an exercise in frustration. Idealistic pioneers and haggard refugees left future generations no heirlooms and objects that in their day were extravagant or frivolous. Playthings were especially dispensable. Imports were uncommon, often shoddy and few survive. Continue reading

Another Tack: Obama's conquest and Beilin's confession

Ever since the Vietnam misadventure, a postmodern revolution had been looming in America. Barack Obama’s tour de force is its clincher. American campuses have been mass-producing smug, politically correct poseurs and slogan-spouting groupthink conformists for decades. Converging circumstances enabled the postmodernists who indoctrinate America’s younger minds to conquer its highest political bastions as well. Continue reading

Another Tack: Pius's pious pretension

I’ve got a terrible confession to make – I don’t want to go to heaven. It’s not that I don’t relish rewards in the afterlife. It’s just that if Pope Pius XII is there, especially if exalted to saintly status by courtesy of his current Vatican successor, then in the immortal words of Huck Finn: “I can’t see no advantage in going where” the former Eugenio Pacelli purportedly went. Like Huck, I’d rather be where Tom Sawyer ends up, because with Tom there’s never any pious pretension of infallibility. Continue reading