Another Tack: New Chelm in Jerusalem

The Jewish state has already had several trial runs. The most noteworthy was in mythical Chelm, which was governed by its own inimitable system of logic.

So is New Chelm – aka Israel.

The original Chelm’s town fathers, for example, were intent on deploying a formidable security force to daunt evildoers like the pesky burglar who prowled the narrow alleys after dark. The burly constable they employed soon apprehended the miscreant and forced him to stand in the corner until all inspection rounds were completed. Continue reading

Another Tack: My people love to have it so

I am convinced from the depth of my heart and to the best of my understanding that this disengagement will strengthen Israel in its hold of the areas essential to our existence and will earn us the blessings and esteem of those near and far, will lessen hate, will break boycotts and blockades and will move us forward on the road to peace with the Palestinians and the rest of our neighbors.

– Ariel Sharon, October 25, 2004 Continue reading

Another Tack: A stinky, nasty red herring

In 18th-century Britain, it was customary to tie a string around a smoked fish – which in the curing process turned red in color and pungent in odor – and drag it through the woods to train hunting dogs to follow a trail. At a later stage, the red herring was used to deliberately confuse the hounds to test their ability to stick to their prey’s scent or to prolong the foxhunt. Continue reading