Another Tack: Two plus two equals…

Some spins can positively perplex. The same Al Jazeera revelations which threw the cardboard regime of PA figurehead Mahmoud Abbas into a total tizzy, instilled boundless joy in the hearts of Israel’s indomitable Left.

Leaks attributing to Abbas a hypothetical inclination to perhaps consider a morsel of a crumb of compromise have served to seriously undermine Ramallah’s Fatah honchos on their own turf, paint them as traitors to the cause of eliminating Israel and elicit from them a panicky flurry of vehement denials.

This, in the eyes of our diehard proponents of an accord with the same said Abbas, is a highly encouraging development.

This, aver they, proves yet again that Abbas is a promising and reliable interlocutor, that he is an earnest, well-intentioned peace partner, willing to relinquish scraps of territory to intransigent Israel.

We could interject at this point and note that Abbas can hardly be said to be ceding what he doesn’t possess and that it’s Israel which possesses what Abbas is so ecstatically extolled for magnanimously “giving up,” should Israel acquiesce to mass suicide. But we won’t pettily harp on fundamentals. Instead, let’s follow the Abbas fan club’s circuitous calculations to their logical end.
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