Semi-Understandable Bloodletting

Adele Banita after help arrived

Adele Banita after help arrived

Foreign news purveyors tend to sanitize terrorist crimes against Jews – when they at all bother to report them. They also dehumanize Jewish victims when referring to them by generic designations with distinct derogatory nuances.

The heartrending tragedy of Adele Banita offers a stark case in point.

She, her husband and two babies were attacked by a knife-wielding Arab terrorist on Jerusalem’s main Old City route to and from the Western Wall. Aharon Banita was stabbed to death and one toddler was slashed. Adele escaped the murderer’s grasp – and with his blade still stuck in her neck – ran to raise the alarm, to save her children.

It was the stuff of nightmares, of sadistic horror flicks. Continue reading