Another Tack: Like a Hunk of Clay

THE SHIRELLES in 1962 when they sang “you say hop and I’ll hop.”

THE SHIRELLES in 1962 when they sang “you say hop and I’ll hop.”

In all fairness, even politicians sometimes deserve a break. To whit it behooves us to admit that:

  1. Barack Obama didn’t always lie about his Iranian fixation.
  2. Binyamin Netanyahu couldn’t have ever stopped Obama.
  3. Hillary Clinton is the only one who can stop Obama (despite her knee-jerk endorsement for his grand betrayal).

Let’s start at the top. Obama may have willfully led all and sundry astray as he pursued his courtship of the Iranian ayatollahs. He did fib prodigiously while allowing himself to be outmaneuvered by them at every turn. He couldn’t have been more disingenuous than when he denied his capitulation on every point and when extolled a deal that is far more laughable than the travesty which Bill Clinton concluded in 1994.

Like a dilettante neophyte at a Tehran bazaar, Obama haggled with the Iranians without ever threatening them, while openly evincing a rush to meet artificial deadlines of his own making and oozing eagerness to strike the bargain at any price. He blundered spectacularly. Continue reading