Another Tack: The Godfather’s Goodfellas

bbas’s affiliates: goodfellas who claim divine rights to annihilate an entire nationDon Mahmoud Abbas’s feelings have been deeply hurt. Three Israeli boys fell prey to Hamas abductors who set out from his turf and retreated back to it. But how dare insensitive Israelis insinuate that the Godfather is tainted by his pact with the most infamous ringleaders of Hamastan’s Murder Incorporated and its offshoots?

Cut to the quick, Abbas swears he’s merely in league with “professional experts.” Sure he does. No mafia godfather is likely to spill the beans on his “understandings” with affiliate mob families. Hence Abbas’s pseudo-condemnation of the boys’ abduction, his make-believe ignorance about who did the troublesome deed and his real opposition to whatever might damage his PR.

Gangland’s guise must be spruced up. Anything else nullifies the affectation’s raison d’être.

The whole idea is to camouflage the nefarious with a veneer of respectability, to pull the wool over genuinely gullible eyes or to facilitate further feigned faith in the fraud for the hardly-gullible. This is Don Abbas’s serial modus operandi. It’s essential that his renewed collaboration with Gaza’s goon bosses strike the right chord and lend the impression that their reenergized syndicate runs legitimate, reputable enterprises. Continue reading