A Small Tragedy

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The only relatively clear remaining photograph of Abramek, showing him as a toddler with his parents.

MARZENIA (The Dream)

By Abramek Koplowicz

(Translated by Sarah Honig)

When I will be 20 years old,

In a motorized bird I’ll sit,

And to the reaches of space I’ll rise.

I will fly, I will float to the beautiful faraway world

And skywards I will soar.

The cloud my sister will be

The wind is brother to me.

I will fly, I will float over rivers and seas.

I will marvel at the Euphrates and Nile.

I will gaze at the Sphinx and Pyramids

In the goddess Isis’ ancient land.

I will glide over the mighty Niagara Falls,

And soak up the warmth of the Sahara’s sun.

Over the cloud-covered Tibetan peaks willI ascend,

Above the mysterious magic land of the Hindus.

And when extricated from the sun’s heat,

I will take wing to the Arctic north,

And I will whir above the giant Kangaroo Isle,

And then over the ruins of Pompeii.

From there I’ll set my sights to the Holy Land,

Where our Covenant was given.

I will even reach illustrious Homer’s country,

And will be so amazed by the beauty of this world.

To the heavens I will take off.

The cloud my sister will be;

The wind is brother to me.

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