Another Tack: Egypt’s Polish syndrome

Thousands of deported Jews from Germany at the Polish border near ZbaszynJewish culpability always was – and apparently still remains – a key element in lending moral authority to any contentious cause.  Jews have known this for millennia but the dispiriting fact of our existence is that it still goes on, unabated, in the 21st century and that it motivates not only declared and implacable enemies but also forces of supposed enlightenment and liberality in the West.

As it was from time immemorial – it’s just not a marketable story without that eminently salient Jewish connection.

The blood-soaked internecine turmoil convulsing the Arab realm – from the Maghreb to Mesopotamia – has nothing to do with Jews, with Zionism, the Jewish national liberation movement or with Israel, the Jewish state. The carnage is spawned by internal Arab ethnic, religious, clannish and political conflicts. Each side reinforces its case by recruiting throngs of volatile and violent demonstrators. This rent-a-mob fest is palmed off to clueless foreigners as democracy-in-action. Continue reading