Another Tack: It’s all connected

David Delarosa and Rachel WeissAll the seemingly disjointed fragments of news that maddeningly disrupt the steamy summertime tediousness are in fact interrelated – disturbingly so.

The purportedly enlightened campaign against Jewish circumcision and the equally sanctimonious outcry against kosher slaughter (most gallingly and recently in the very same Poland whose soil is soaked with Jewish blood like no other spot on this planet) are links in the same chain that led to the European Union’s burgeoning anti-Israeli boycott (disingenuously hinged on the settlements pretext) and to US Secretary of State John Kerry’s artificial resuscitation of the moribund and grossly misnamed peace process (that hinges on the release of convicted murderers whose hands drip with Jewish blood).

The fact is that those who cannot abide ancient Jewish rituals for a variety of insincere excuses and who seek excuses to justify double standards against the Jewish state, stayed eerily silent when the Palestinian Authority demanded liberation for some of the most heinous perpetrators of hate crimes since the Holocaust (which Europe assiduously attempts to banalize/belittle). Continue reading