Another Tack: Iran’s Latterday Goering

The Fuehrer and his front-man- Hitler and Goering on March 16, 1938.It was gut-wrenching to watch the world fawn over Iran’s new president. It was even more sickening to see ignorance parading as astuteness and profound insight.

We can only be mystified by how all those who never previously heard of Hassan Rohani instantly knew he was a famous moderate, that his election was a blow to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, that Khamenei was exceedingly upset by the people’s choice, even that he greeted it with a sour expression.

The consensus among the overnight experts on an esoteric arena was that the vote was a runaway surprise, where the forces of good walloped the forces of evil.

Non-too-amazingly, the White House orchestrated the optimism. US President Barack Obama’s chief of staff informed us that Rohani’s victory was a “potentially hopeful sign” and that if Mahmoud Ahmedinejad’s successor behaved well, “he will find a partner in us.” Spinning the spin on CBS’s Face the Nation, Denis McDonough exuded hope: “If he [Rohani] is interested in, as he has said in his campaign, mending Iran’s relations with the rest of the world, there is an opportunity to do that.” Continue reading