Homemade tragedy

The country’s Arab parliamentarians managed this week to surpass even their own most strident incitement against the state that bankrolls them and guarantees their rights to subvert it. Speaking in Sakhnin at the 12th memorial to the 13 Arabs shot dead during the October 2000 riots, MKs Ahmed Tibi and Taleb a-Sanaa in effect agitated for violent vengeance, thereby ramping up already inordinately confrontational rhetoric.

This wasn’t just more of their by-now-pervasive in-your-face insolence – the sort to which we’ve already grown inured. This time there were exhortations for an operative translation by fellow Israeli-Arabs of the escalated bellicosity.

Not much could be left to the imagination when a-Sanaa railed: “If the government fails to do justice, we shall. If it fails to punish the criminals, we shall.” Continue reading