The KuBa Conceit Revisited

“The people had forfeited the confidence of their government.” Kurt “KuBa” Barthel (left) and Bertolt Brecht.

“The people had forfeited the confidence of their government.”
Kurt “KuBa” Barthel (left) and Bertolt Brecht.

Dear, oh dear… the heart just breaks for the beautiful people, the enlightened sorts who know everything better than all the commoners (or those who are categorized as lowly commoners because they dare disagree with the self-acclaimed omniscients). The beautiful souls just keep suffering unaccountable ballot box setbacks despite incessantly proclaiming their own unassailable wisdom to all humanity – from every available microphone, in front of any flattering camera and from every printed page.

They confidently crow that most of the astuteness relegated to mankind was bestowed upon them. Yet why is it that the inferior plebeians don’t simply vote as their intellectual and moral superiors dictate?

The latest to bemoan the inherent unfairness of the democratic processes are posh and posh-wannabe Brits. Along with European high priests of multiculturalism (and their better-than-their-lessers cronies everywhere) they had just been awfully gobsmacked to learn that they lost the referendum on the UK’s continued stay in the EU.

We won’t get into the nitty-gritty of the actual issues. It’s a matter for Brits and we aren’t Brits. But what is so striking is the conceit of the smug elites who had already put their champagne bottles in their chic ice buckets only to discover that the disdainful masses had deprived them of the pleasure of a stylish celebration…

That’s when the sour grapes replaced the cool bubbly. That’s when bucket-fulls of pent-up frustration and scorn was poured on the commoners who dared not see the light from establishment bastions, not be impressed by the unfailingly shrewd analyses of spot-on (so they say) talking-heads, not be disheartened by predictable pollsters and not be humbly swayed by the in-crowd’s obligatory zeitgeist.

The sore-loser backlash is by no means a new phenomenon, though the social media and cyber-chatter amplify it as never before. We in Israel know it all too well. Just pre-Election Day last year, our detached Left was sure it had wrested control of the government back from the backward people. Agreeable pollsters and court commentators celebrated prematurely right along with the trendy ones.

If anything, Israel’s aloof Left has long enjoyed the vociferous support of like-minded allies the world over. Please click on the link below to access the column I wrote in October 2010 on precisely this arrogance.  The haughtiness then was served up, significantly enough, by Bill Clinton – who’s now busy fielding Mrs. Clinton for another Clinton White House stint.

The Clintons are poster children (age and wrinkles notwithstanding) for the conceited enlightened ones who appoint themselves as condescending guides for the benighted commoners.

Read my column – Another Tack: Clinton’s KuBa conceit – to take in what Clinton told Israelis not too many years ago, be reminded and apply  Bertolt Brecht’s 20th century recommendation to the Clintonesque gibberish that, alas,  still proliferates today.

9 thoughts on “The KuBa Conceit Revisited

  1. How twisted is it to fund leftist pollsters to be continually wrong? Guessing that money is as pure as joe kennedy’s.

  2. Nice Summery Sarah. In brief I always said that one of the fundamental conditions people want in a country is
    1) Political Sovereignty
    2) Political accountablity

    The EU under the current system is revised Russian Duma based on political appointments, and no accountability. This is why here in Canada people want to come here and set up and control their own lives.

    The screaming, yelling and finger pointing will continue as England reorganizes themselves, but this move toward political sovereignty and independence and self-reliance, will be the first of many take backs of English sovereignty going forward.

  3. Excellent and succinct rendition with laser like accuracy of the facts and realities as they really are, that smear the noses of the left into the excrement that they espouse. well done Sarah – excellent!!!

  4. Not long ago the most important task of the EU was to put a ban on Israeli products.
    As the Arab loving Brits are leaving the stinking ship, some new and interesting problems will have to be solved…LOL
    This was undoubtedly Britains worst day since the loss of the evil Empire…

  5. The most inglorious British bastards will now leave the EU and weaken one of Israels most dangerous enemies ! THIS WAS A VERY GOOD DAY !!!!!!!!

  6. Wouldn’t it be simpler to dissolve the Israeli people? Sarah asks rhetorically, as an expression of Clinton’s wish for Israel. So that’s what Obama is trying to do to the USA, by bringing in thousands of no-account Syrian refugees, and branding opposition to this immigration madness as “Islamophobic.” Thus the Brexit vote will be mirrored in Trump’s election as President. But a true measure of how Bill and Hillary understand the American and Israeli public is the money the Clinton Foundation takes from countries such as Saudi Arabia. The Clinton Foundation has taken somewhere between $10,000,000 and $25,000,000 from that benighted oil kingdom. Arrogance? Hillary then claims she supports women’s rights. I don’t know…lots of American voters believe her.

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