Blood Libel Ongoing

When Suha concluded, Hillary embraced her warmly and planted affectionate kisses on her cheek.

When Suha concluded, Hillary embraced her warmly and planted affectionate kisses on her cheek.

Mass-murder cults – be they in benighted medieval Europe, treacherous latter-day Europe or the xenophobic Arab/Muslim realm – are always best served by elaborate excuses to justify the most unspeakable and horrendous of atrocities.

These pretexts prepare the ground for murder. Hence the bizarre lies spouted non-stop by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu-Mazen) and his henchmen mustn’t be belittled. They commission mega-scale homicide.

When one of Abbas’s constituents saw fit to invade a Jewish home in Kiryat Arba last week, sneak into a child’s bedroom and stab to death 13-year-old Hallel Ariel, he did so for no other reason than Hallel was born to Jewish parents. That was the sin for which the young girl deserved to die.

Just a few days prior to that, Abbas told members of the European Union parliament that Israeli rabbis agitate for Israel to poison the Palestinians’ water supplies so as to exterminate them all. The sanctimonious EU lawmakers weren’t overly outraged, not even mildly annoyed.

Abbas tapped into the putrid reservoir of an ancient blood-libel in which Jews were over and over again accused of poisoning wells and inter alia even of causing the Black Death.

The well-poisoning plot line was a variation on the theme of the Jews baking Passover matzot with the blood of Christian tots. This was a potent carry-over from the Dark Ages that kept claiming innocent Jewish lives even after the Holocaust.

This July 4 will mark the 70th anniversary of the Kielce Pogrom prompted in 1946 Poland by a drunkard’s spurious charge that Jews had kidnapped his son for ritual bloodletting.

The truth was irrelevant and sought by no one. The libel was sufficient in itself to cause seemingly normative, totally ordinary Poles to brutally bludgeon to death 42 Jews – men, women, children.  Some of the casualties had no faces left by which to be identified.

These ordinary seemingly normative Poles grabbed steel pipes, wooden boards, clubs, stones and any handy blunt instrument with which to commit their dastardly unprovoked crime.

Significantly, this eruption of endemic Polish anti-Semitism occurred AFTER World War II – AFTER the Nazi occupation. In was exclusively Made in Poland.

The dead and wounded were all Holocaust survivors who miraculously managed to stay alive, only to have their lives cut short not by Nazis but by Poles who were resentful that these Jews too didn’t perish along with millions of their brethren. The Polish massacre’s perpetrators – all average folk – did their evilest to make sure Hitler’s mission would be completed.

Following this, the pitiful remnant of the once-great Polish Jewry started fleeing to the Land of Israel. If any proof were needed of why Jews must have their own independent state, this is it. Even after the inconceivable enormity of the Holocaust, Jewish life elsewhere – particularly in Europe – remained precarious.

Those who now call for Jews to “go back” to where they came from, in effect call for death to the Jews.

The Arabs too were devout adherents of Hitler’s “final solution” and among his most avid collaborators. Their lies abounded prewar and during WWII and continue to abound today with hardly any variation.  They include fabrications about Jewish plots to take over Temple Mount, spread radioactive gasses against Arabs, perform medical experiments on Arabs, harvest their internal organs and of course poison their wells.

These libelous charges are nothing new. It’s not as if the international community – including the highest and the mightiest in the US and the EU – is deaf. The indifferent world just doesn’t want to hear.

Take Hillary Clinton, for a cogent example.  She made a conscious choice to discount a particularly heinous harangue about Israeli well-poisoning. Read the column I wrote about it last October 1. Click on this link – — be reminded and never forget!

Kielce, Poland Jews fleeing the Polish town after the July 4, 1946 massacre of Holocaust survivors.

Kielce Jews fleeing the Polish town after the July 4, 1946 massacre of Holocaust survivors.

15 thoughts on “Blood Libel Ongoing

  1. Great as always. A very important reminder. Yours Ted Siman

    On Sun, Jul 3, 2016 at 3:16 PM, Bucking the Trend … wrote:

    > Sarah Honig posted: ” Mass-murder cults – be they in benighted medieval > Europe, treacherous latter-day Europe or the xenophobic Arab/Muslim realm – > are always best served by elaborate excuses to justify the most unspeakable > and horrendous of atrocities. These pretexts p” >

  2. Welcome back.The J P is the,very much, poorer for your absence whatever the reason was.
    Your article was,as usual,incisive and informative.Looking forward to reading many more.
    Kind regards, Bernard Ancer.

  3. Yet another reminder that we cannot afford to cave in to creatures still dwelling in caves (spiritually speaking) even in the shape of giant castles.

  4. The blood-libel first emerged in the “New Testament”, where the Jews are accused of murdering the Xtian “God” in person.
    ALL other blood-libels derive from THAT first one.
    The Polish killers of Kielce had been Jew-hating Catholics like Hitler, they were of the same EVIL breed.
    The atheistic EU politicians are walking in their footsteps and like their predecessor Hitler, they LOVE the Arabs & Muslims.

  5. Not to mention those who should ‘go back; to Arab lands, almost half of Israel’s population. With what is happening to non (my sort of) Muslims there not much chance of survival there either!

  6. Ruthless truth, too ugly to be palatable! This is the reason, I guess, why JP does not publish Sarah Honig any more. More the pity.

  7. Sarah, your blog dated 12/16/2011 “The Poison in the Well” ‘sits on my desk’ since being published by you, (complete article) as a reminder of the consummate hypocritical liar that Hillary is, and has always been, and that which follows her ‘political career’. It will stay with her as sure as ‘gum sticks to the bottom of ones shoe’.. Jew haters will be Jew haters, but what constantly riles me is that such a high percentage of Jews continue their ‘cult following’ of the corrupt clandestine Clinton political dynasty. If one ever questions what ‘White Wash’ means, one only needs to be witness to the politics of the Clintons, and their getting away with all of the shenanigans they continue to play! As for the upcoming presidential election, my only choice is to vote for the ‘Wild Card Candidate’ and pray for a miracle in behalf of ‘What’s good for America, and What’s good for the beloved state of Israel!

  8. An obdurate truth-teller like Sarah truly does buck the trend, fearlessly taking on the Big Lies, and the Big Liars, that incite murderous hatred against Jews. Even more notable is her ability to get under the skin of Jews who, by surrendering to their all too justified fears, willfully deceive themselves into believing that it’s they and their fellow Jews, who are largely to blame for the hatred against them.

  9. Hilary Clinton’s first rule is to always accuse her opponents of sins that she’s guilty of. Thus Donald Trump is “an anti-semite,” in this case because of an innocuous Star-of-David shape on the cover of the New York Post. (My first thought on hearing it was “Boy she’s really r-e-a-c-h-i-n-g for straws this time!) However, as Sarah rightly points out, HRC ignored big lies coming from Mrs.Arafat about Israel poisoning wells in Gaza. As she would say, “What does it matter?” And she blithely goes about creating a world where Kielce pogroms become the new normal. Taken one step further, HRC is a pupil of that notorious anti-semite, Max Blumenthal, whose epic lies about Israel, Jews, and America are off the charts. All I can say is woe to the American Jewish community if HRC is elected President. That’s one reason why Jim Comey’s failure to indict HRC takes on such importance for the rule-of-law in the USA. Will we have a country, or anarchy? Will there be pogroms in the USA? This is the most frightening election campaign of all.

    • I am replying to this way too late, but better late… You take the words out of my mouth. I do fear pogroms of some kind against American Jews if Hillary becomes POTUS. It could happen. People have been talking about the possibility in Europe and the UK, but ignoring North America. As the Jew-hatred in America picks up and American Jews cower in silence and worse, feed the flames with their self-hatred, one fears for their future. And what of Israel? American Jews are fast asleep for one and will even overwhelmingly vote for this Jew-hater. And Bibi has done nothing but largely capitulate, fawn and grovel to this Jew-hater Obama, so he can be expected to do the same re Hillary.

      • Growing up in a truly free country, in happier times, I never thought I would see conditions this bad, in the USA. And things will likely get worse, before they get better, even if Donald Trump gets elected. Prepare, if you can.

  10. Where O where is our beloved Sarah Honig? Hopefully, Sarah you are in good health and that Life and Happiness is being bestowed upon you (and Yours). You are truly missed.
    Shmookie of Beverly Hills, CA…formerly, Encino, CA

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