Sedition by Parliamentarians

Moshe German’s car ablaze in Taibe

“I am not a contractor for calming operations,” proclaimed MK Ahmad Tibi (Ta’al) when asked in a host of interviews, following the Kafr Kana shooting and ensuing countrywide riots, what he might do to cool passions.

With in-your-face bluntness Tibi proceeded to do quite the opposite and to pour oil on the flames. In breathless succession he accused the officers who shot 22-year-old Khair-a-din Hamadan of pre-meditated homicide, deliberate execution mafia-style, committing racist murder and altogether being “bloodthirsty animals.”

Shouting down other speakers, Tibi railed and vituperated. He charged that the policemen were out to “intentionally terminate Hamadan” rather than neutralize him when he attacked them with a knife. Tibi belittled Hamadan’s actions as “an understandable expression of anger.”

He insisted on stiff punishment for the individual cops, their commanders and government ministers.

As a legislator, Tibi of course ought to be adequately familiar with the principle that punishment isn’t made-to-order or on-demand according to the moods and/or interests of any given sector in the population.

In a democracy sentences are only handed down after exhaustive legal due process, which includes investigation of forensic evidence, formal indictment and, if it comes to that, trial in open court.

By announcing his verdict a priori and hectoring for prohibitive penalties throughout all law-enforcement ranks as well as in the executive branch of government, Tibi knows he’s doing nothing but engaging in outright incitement.

By agitating for non-starters Tibi builds up impossible expectations, which inevitably breed frustration that’s then perceived as another searing grievance and as another casus belli.

By throwing spurious analogies into this already incendiary mix, Tibi further calculatingly ramps up subjective sensations of injustice. Thus Tibi argued that Yigal Amir (Yitzhak Rabin’s assassin) “wasn’t killed but Hamadan was. The only difference is that Hamadan is an Arab and this is how Arabs are treated. The shooting of Arabs isn’t frowned upon. A Jew in the same circumstances wouldn’t be shot.”

This is cynical demagoguery foremost because Jews who endangered the police were shot whereas Amir did not threaten the officers who arrested him. Inflammatory harangues in these contentious contexts are akin to tossing a primed grenade into a powder keg.

Not only does Tibi do so with undisguised relish but he and fellow Israeli-Arab politicians compete fiercely with each other for the title of most abusive and abrasive. That distinction is worth political gold in Israel’s ominously radicalized Arab sector where it becomes a prime vote-getting asset.

The terrifying consequences of rabble-rousing were evident on Sunday when Moshe German of Netanya left Taibe after visiting a friend and headed back to his home. He was waylaid on the road by over twenty ruffians who inquired if he was a Jew. When it emerged that he was, he was beaten and stoned. His car was set on fire while he was still in it. Had a local man not pulled him out, he would have been lynched.

Taibe – in Israel proper, inside the Green Line – is where Tibi resides and the incident occurred not too far from Tibi’s home. Yet no murmur of denunciation could be heard of the infliction of grievous bodily harm after the Jewishness of the victim had been previously ascertained. Tibi doesn’t call this racist.

Moreover, what happened to German is hardly unique. Back in the October 2000 riots we had already seen mobs going through the papers of drivers they ambushed and then beating them up if they were Jewish.

Earlier this year such an assault took place without any provocation in Jisr a-Zarka on a Jewish man who had come there for a dental appointment.

In June Umm el-Fahm rioters, expressing support for the snatching of the three schoolboys, closed off Highway 65 and pulled out Jewish drivers from their vehicles, battered them and burned their cars. Their slogans and chants praised the boys’ abduction and called for more kidnappings.

Avidly cheerleading such rampages, Tibi and fellow Arab MKs hone a fraudulent ethos of victimhood and concomitantly the delegitimization of Israel.

Sedition by parliamentarians – bankrolled by Israeli taxpayers – threatens to plunge whole swathes of this country into entrenched anarchy.

5 thoughts on “Sedition by Parliamentarians

  1. There are days when it seems as if we are staring down into a deep abyss in an upside down world.

    Who would ever be so naïve as to imagine that in an Arab nation where the Jews were in the minority that any of those Jews would ever be allowed to sit in that Arab nation’s Parliament as Members- much less stand up and rant and scream at his fellow Members.

    In any country in the Middle East other than Israel if a Jew were so foolish as to behave as we observe the way Arab provocateurs, including certain MKs and especially the rock throwers behave in Israel, they would either be lynched by rabid mobs or be mowed down where they stand by automatic machine gun fire.

    It would be unthinkable that any ruling government, whether in Europe or the USA or among the Arab States would tolerate for a moment seeing their roads and highways becoming open air spaces used for target practice by rock wielding roving bands of murderous thugs. And in particular out of control mobs who do not hesitate to attack moving cars, setting them on fire and attempting to lynch their occupants.

    This state of near anarchy cannot be allowed to continue.

    Although I am not a resident of Israel and thus may not fully appreciate the finer nuances when it comes to dealing with the difficult and harsh challenges faced on a daily basis by the IDF and local Police forces, it nevertheless seems to me that something has gotten out of control and perhaps crossed a point where the status quo can no longer be tolerated.

    Lawless behavior has a way of feeding upon itself like a Cancer and we avert our eyes from the seriousness of the situation at our own peril.

    If drivers in New York, London or Paris or any major metropolis began getting pelted with life threatening lethal rock attacks I believe the law enforcement authorities of those cities would come down with a response so overwhelmingly intimidating, including issuing shoot to kill orders, that people would quickly understand that lifting a rock to throw it is seen as no different than raising and aiming a gun at someone.

    Clearly a certain political correctness on the part of Israel is playing a part in all this non-stop insanity and mayhem.

    The Israeli government to some extent feels it is walking on eggs and must handle the stone throwers with kid gloves using rubber bullets and concussion bombs lest even a single stone thrower, more than necessary, is killed or seriously injured by the IDF or local police. Israeli citizens must constantly drive in fear because of the Official fears of arousing more animosity against the Israeli government than necessary.

    But such a policy only breeds more confidence on the part of the rock throwers that they can continue with their aberrant and violent behavior with relative impunity.

    I do not for a moment pretend to have all or even a single answer to this vexing problem.

    Surely the legal authorities in Israel have studied the above issues from every angle, ad infinitum. And clearly there are no easy answers.

    But one thing is clear. The citizens of Israel and Jews in general, everywhere on Earth, have seen undeserved hatred reined down upon their heads, for thousands of years.

    Whether in any given instance the IDF and the Israeli Police react with overwhelming force against Arab violence, or tip toe gingerly and over cautiously, for the sake of not provoking world criticism, the criticism will come in non-stop waves anyway.

    The barbarism the world has observed of late in the Middle East has now reached such unheard of levels of ferocity including animalistic behavior such as mass beheadings, that even if the State of Israel increased penalties and meted out harsher treatment of rock throwers by a level of ten fold, it would still be relatively conservative and tame in comparison to all the violent behavior observable outside the State of Israel in the rest of the Middle East.

    Likewise in the Knesset, rules of civil, respectful and orderly behavior by all Members must be clearly promulgated and then vigorously enforced. It must be made perfectly clear to all Members that the type of behavior seen lately will not, under any circumstances be tolerated and that those who scream, rant and attempt in any manner, shape or form to infringe on the requisite sense of dignity and decorum that should at all times prevail in the Knesset, will be held to account, and ejected and/or even be barred

    The State of Israel has surely learned by now all too well from history, including its own, that appeasement has never worked. Those who work to harm Israel whether by hurling inappropriate words in the Knesset or by hurling rocks and projectiles that smash car windows thus endangering innocent Jewish lives must be taught lessons that are so sufficiently harsh and painful that they will understand there will be a stiff price to pay for spilling the blood of the innocent.

    While many of these subject miscreants may see their actions as if a game, and Israeli jail time as if a paid vacation with color TV thrown in as the icing on the cake, they will not be too happy to see themselves loaded on IDF trucks and dumped at the entrance gates of Gaza, with zero hope or chance, after serving their sentence, of ever being readmitted to the State of Israel.

  2. Another silence of Tibi will be for the yesterday murder of Dalia in Alon Shvut. An “angry” Arab deliberately ran over the young woman at a bus stop and hit some obstacle, immobilizing his car. Then, full of “anger” he came back at the bleeding body of the girl on the ground and “angrily” stabbed her to the point of killing her. The explanation is simple and natural. The Arabs have nothing to offer to civilization and never had. They steal the glorious past of the Jews, turning it into a Muslim past! They want to make us disappear, because we are the proof of their failure! And, because we remain successfully alive… they get “angry”.

    • Very well stated point of view by Edoardo Recanati.

      Perhaps it explains why so many other groups have also cultivated a rabid hatred for the Jewish people throughout the centuries.

      Peruse any list of Nobel Prize recipients for the past 100 years.

      Observe the fact that while the Jewish people constitute just a fraction of a fraction of the total world population the number of Nobel Prize winners of the Jewish Faith, in literally every field of intellectual human endeavor, including Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Biology etc. is of vastly greater proportion to almost all other groups.

      Then count the number of Arab Nobel Prize recipients. Perhaps one or two with luck or even perhaps, zero.

      When the oil that has rested under the sands in the Middle East for millions of years has finally one day been totally depleted, what will the Arabs of the future have to offer and/or sell to the world ???

      Last time I checked there did not appear to be much of a boom market for desert sand. And as for new manuals in Arabic dealing with the subject of how to subjugate and humiliate women, that also seems reaching for straws. Almost like bringing coal to Newcastle. It is well known that Arab males are already quite expert in that field.

      But unfortunately for the Arabs, subjugating and humiliating women is not an area that the Nobel Prize Committee awards prizes for.

  3. It’s a very bad idea, to support the enemies of the Jewish state inside of it’s parliament.
    Treason should no longer be protected by the law…

  4. Here’s some in-your-face bluntness for Ahmad Tibi: Expel all Palestinians from Jerusalem. And for those who have chosen to attack Israelis, a quick trial and a quick execution. But aren’t Israelis allowed to carry guns for personal protection? Dalia Lemkos might be alive today, if she’d have had a .40 caliber CZ in her purse.

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