To all who’ve been asking

Many good friends and readers have been inquiring of late about when I would resume writing.

That would be a while, I am afraid, as I have decided to extend my hiatus for a bit longer.

I sincerely apologize for not answering everyone individually.

Although you doubtless each deserve a personal response, I am frankly unable to handle the volume of correspondence coming my way on a one-by-one basis – much as I would have liked to do so.

So please consider my collective reply as a personal one and know that I deeply appreciate your concern and support.


15 thoughts on “To all who’ve been asking

  1. All Blessings Sarah (and congra’ts on your new grandchild)…..As we all know, “You gotta do what you gotta do” Shmookie, ‘In Waiting’

  2. Totally understandable but my withdrawal symptoms from Sarah Honig’s Blog are increasing and my therapist says I am suffering from S.H.B. syndrome.

    However for you Sarah I’ll suffer a little longer until your welcome return to greet your adoring fans.


  3. Hello Sarah,

    Indeed, a lifetime of unyielding conviction brilliantly presented (and great prose too) does deserve any extended hiatus they may desire.

    It seems missing you must be a natural state, now no less than you were missed Saturday thru Thursday – for so many wonderful years.

    Best wishes to the one who opened my eyes to whom I was learning from. You’ve taught me a lot about deciphering the truth.


  4. I am a scientist/engineer from the aerospace industry with many years with NASA; with that wonderful team all the way to the successful moon landing. At the same time, I have also followed the events in the evolving Middle East drama. You, Sarah, helped me greatly in understanding this drama as it has moved toward its inevitable end. Take care of yourself but come back some day to again keep us further enlightened as the end of days approaches. Thanks. RLH

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