Another Tack: Husseini’s Legacy Still Looms Large

Husseini giving the “Heil Hitler” Salute to Bosnian Muslim volunteers to the notorious Waffen SS Handzar Division in November 1943.

Husseini giving the “Heil Hitler” Salute to Bosnian Muslim volunteers to the notorious Waffen SS Handzar Division in November 1943.

No one can accuse Israel’s Left of missing a beat. But the attentive ear of our homegrown self-appointed guardians of other people’s consciences is selective. All sorts of blood-curdling incitement throughout the Arab/Muslim realm fail to resonate with them. Yet they amplify with relish any aside by the true objects of their animus – Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu foremost.

And so, the other day Netanyahu had the temerity to remark that the Palestinians’ still-venerated Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini opposed Hitler’s initial plan to merely ethnically cleanse Europe of Jews and exile them to such exotic locations as Madagascar. Husseini insisted the Jews burn.

It’s important to note that at the time of Husseini’s meeting with Hitler in June 1941, the “final solution” hadn’t yet become official Third Reich policy (despite slaughter that had already begun in occupied Eastern Europe). The Final Solution would be formally adopted only on January 20, 1942 at the Wannsee Conference.

For outward appearances at least, Germany’s declared objective was to expel Jews from Europe. Husseini couldn’t abide the thought and railed against mere banishment. He clamored for the Jews’ physical obliteration instead. This doesn’t mean that he inspired Hitler or that he gave him the idea for wiping all Jews out but it does powerfully attest to the mindset of the then-principal leader of the Arab world.

But who cares about fine distinctions? Instantly, a great indignant outcry arose from the righteous ranks of the Left. Netanyahu, it was bewailed, is cleansing Hitler of guilt and pinning it on Husseini. It’s as if villainy can only reside in a single persona and the villain’s kindred ideologues and avid accomplices are therefore unjustly accused.

So let’s set the record straight – Husseini wasn’t just Hitler’s useful fool. His hands were stained with Jewish blood – lots of it – and the Allies indeed declared him a wanted war criminal at the end of WWII.

He reached Cairo by the skin of his teeth but with much Nazi loot, having fled Germany four days before its collapse. The Arab world not only harbored him (as they did numerous other fugitive Nazi mass-murderers) but Husseini was adulated.

On October 1, 1948, in the midst of the synchronized Arab military onslaught on newborn Israel, the Egyptians installed Husseini as president of the “All-Palestine government” they established in the Gaza Strip (with Jerusalem as its declared capital). It was formally abolished only in 1959.

Husseini’s quasi-state was recognized by all then-independent Arab states except Transjordan, which feared his ambitions vis-à-vis its own bit of Palestinian conquest – the West Bank. Husseini is widely considered responsible for the assassination of King Abdullah I (the current Jordanian monarch’s great-grandfather). He also recruited Bosnian SS-veterans as mercenaries to aid in the genocidal invasion of the Jewish state.

Yasser Arafat asserted that “it’s an honor to march in the path Haj-Amin carved.” In 2002 he told London’s Sharq al-Awsatthat Husseini is “our hero.” Likening himself to his mentor, Arafat stressed: “I was one of his troops.”

Arafat’s successor, Holocaust-denier Mahmoud “Abu-Mazen” Abbas, is today’s highest-ranking Husseini fan.

This is the same Abbas who produced a PhD in Moscow (in 1984 it was published as a book which has become an obligatory component in the Palestinian Authority’s school curricula). Therein Abbas belittles the extent of the Holocaust and charges David Ben-Gurion and Moshe Sharett with culpability for the very crimes he pooh-poohs.

According to Abbas’s historiography, Adolf Eichmann was merely a victim of Ben-Gurion’s cover-up because Eichmann threatened to expose the Zionist-Nazi collusion.

This is Israel’s peace-partner and since the Left embraces him and promotes the peace delusion no matter what, it’s politically incorrect to spotlight Abbas’s own Nazi sympathies. It is altogether verboten on the Left to direct attention to, much less challenge the Arabs’ cunningly complex and inherently contradictory attitudes to the Holocaust.

But the apparent incongruities are predominantly tactical. The endgame is how to best combat the remnants of Europe’s destroyed Jewry and their descendants in Israel. The common denominator for the diverse ploys is an underlying hypocrisy that allows Holocaust-justification, Holocaust-denial and cynical Holocaust-exploitation to thrive simultaneously in Arab discourse.

And here Husseini’s legacy still looms large. It is impossible to understand the Mideast dispute without focusing on Husseini because he triggered the genocidal war against this country’s Jews in all its facets – including the calumny of Jewish conspiracies to usurp Temple Mount. Everything we experience today began with him.

Husseini meticulously orchestrated the incensed spontaneity of all the great anti-Jewish pogroms in this country in the first half of the 20th century.

The 1929 countrywide carnage (remembered chiefly for the destruction of Hebron’s ancient Jewish community) was in the making for a full eleven months prior to its actual August outbreak. Husseini even prepared fake postcards with photomontages of Herzl (then dead for 25 years) on the Temple Mount to inflame passions about a Jewish plot to demolish al-Aksa. Sounds familiar?

On April 19, 1936 al-Husseini’s provocateurs spread rumors simultaneously in different quarters of Jaffa about three Arab men and one woman who were hacked to death in Jewish Tel-Aviv and whose bloodied remains were brought to a Jaffa hospital. Within minutes, as if by a prearranged signal, thousands descended menacingly on the British Mandatory headquarters.

Officials escorted a delegation through Jaffa’s hospitals to prove that there were no bodies. But real proof wasn’t in demand. Facts were immaterial and downright undesirable. Nobody was going to allow them to get in the way of a good pretext for bloodshed.

The agitators swore they saw corpses and the riled crowds needed no corpus delicti. Ferocious shrieks of itbach el-yahud –slaughter the Jews – reverberated all throughout Jaffa. The roused rabble was on the warpath to wreak vengeance on Tel-Aviv.

Thus started the Nazi-financed, three-year Arab revolt – an uprising that was every bit as deformed as the misnamed Arab Spring. Husseini’s ambitious undertaking cost thousands of lives, but paradoxically it fortified the emergent Jewish state, which would achieve independence 12 years later.

Husseini wasn’t the odd-Arab-out. He gave expression to his people’s overwhelming vehemence. Already in 1937 Josef Goebbels praised Arab “national and racial awareness,” noting that “in Palestine they hoist Nazi flags and deck their homes with swastikas and portraits of Hitler.”

Arabs were among the first to latch onto Nazi ideology. Undisguised fascist parties proliferated – from Syria’s Nationalist-Socialists headed by Anton Saada to Ahmed Hussein’s Young Egypt. Husseini was the kingpin.

During WWII Husseini’s adherents in this country eagerly awaited Rommel’s conquest. They hoarded arms, openly rehearsed maneuvers to assist Germany’s Afrika Korps, harbored German paratroopers, spied, and greeted each other with “Heil Hitler” and Nazi salutes. Their babies were given names like Hitler, Eichmann, or Rommel.

Husseini himself was ensconced luxuriously in Berlin from 1941 to May 1945, as Hitler’s personal guest. There, he hobnobbed with the fuehrer, Himmler and Eichmann.

Husseini – as “prime minister” of a pan-Arab government formed in the German capital – was lodged in a confiscated Zionist Hebrew school on Klopstockstrasse and awarded the equivalent of  $10,000 a month (when the dollar was almighty) by the German foreign ministry. The sum was more than matched by the SS from its sonderfund (funds robbed from Jews). Himmler organized guided tours for Husseini in Auschwitz and Husseini plotted a Mideastern extermination camp near Nablus.

He was put in charge of Nazi propaganda to Arabs and Muslims. These included broadcast tirades, urging his disciples to “slaughter all Jews wherever you find them. Their blood pleases Allah.” He recited his own “poetry” on the airwaves.  Among his proudest creations and one he repeated particularly often was the following (which, alas, loses most its zest in translation):

“The Jews bring the world poverty, malice and misery.

They tortured their innocent prophets,

Killed Yihyeh (St.John)

And rejected Issa (Jesus).

They destroy virtue in all countries…

They plunder, grab and exploit…

They are the bearers of anarchy and cause suffering in the world.

They are like moths that eat away at all good everywhere…

They are monsters and the basis of all evil in the world.

Even Nebi-Mussa (Moses) denounced them.

Their professions of sympathy are masks

And your knives already slit their throats.”

Husseini recruited Bosnians to the special Waffen SS Handzar (Handschar) Division which tortured, brutalized and concentrated Balkan Jews for death transports, much as Ukrainians did such dirty work elsewhere. The sadism of Husseini’s recruits was second-to-none.

Himmler introduced Husseini to Eichmann and two got along famously. This is backed by ample documentation from both the Nuremberg and Eichmann trials.

At the end of 1942 Eichmann ordered 10,000 Jewish children sent from Poland to Theresienstadt. The Red Cross offered to trade German civilians for them. Husseini got wind of the plan and protested vehemently to Himmler, warning that “little Jews grow to become big Jews.” The deal was scuttled.

Husseini lobbied Romanian and Hungarian foreign ministers on June 28, 1943 to foil any deals that might save the lives of Jewish children sentenced to death by his Third Reich allies. “If any reasons mandate the Jews’ removal,” he wrote, “it would be indispensable and infinitely preferable to send them to other countries where they would find themselves under active control, for example in Poland, in order to thereby protect oneself from their menace and avoid consequent damages.” We all know the lethal nature of “active control” in wartime Poland.

Husseini’s letters to the Romanians and Hungarians were catalogued by the UN in 1947. Similar texts were insistently and frequently dispatched to the topmost German echelons throughout 1943 and 1944. Husseini made it his mission to make sure no Jew escaped.

His persistent intervention indeed made sure that thousands of Jewish children slated for exchange ended up “under active control” in Poland’s Auschwitz and its hellish equivalents.

Husseini sabotaged plans to allow the emigration of 80,000 Romanian Jews, save 5000 Jewish orphans from Transnistria (to which Romanian Jews were deported), swap 10,000 Jewish orphans in Slovakia and Hungary and groups of children in fascist Croatia.

Thousands of Jewish children from Macedonia were handed over by Bulgaria at Husseini’s explicit insistence for execution in Treblinka. Eichmann and Himmler consented to the April 1943 agreement to exchange 4000 Jewish children and 500 adult escorts from the Balkans via Bulgaria for 20,000 Germans “of child-bearing age,” but Husseini fired an angry protest to Bulgarian premier Bogdan Piloff, insisting the children be put “under active control in Poland” – the above-noted euphemism for gas chambers.

Dieter Wisliceny, Eichmann’s deputy, who was subsequently executed for his war-crimes, testified at the Nuremberg Trials that he had already given orders to transfer the aforementioned 10,000 Jewish orphans from Poland to Theresienstadt in preparation for the projected exchange, only to be informed by Eichmann that everything was cancelled due to Husseini’s agitation.

Husseini, according to Wisliceny, “was one of the initiators of the systematic extermination of European Jewry and had been a collaborator and adviser to Eichmann and Himmler in the execution of this plan… He was one of Eichmann’s best friends and had constantly incited him to accelerate the extermination measures. I heard him say, accompanied by Eichmann, that he had visited incognito the gas chambers at Auschwitz.” The late Simon Wiesenthal claimed Majdanek too was on Husseini’s itinerary.

Nazi official Wilhelm Melchers testified in Nuremberg on August 6, 1947: “the Mufti was protesting everywhere,” against releasing Jews. He “was an accomplished foe of the Jews and didn’t conceal that he would love to see them all liquidated.” Husseini told Melchers that “the Jewish national home must disappear” and “he doesn’t care where the Jews end up. They should all go to the devil.”

Husseini personally foiled any deal on the Holocaust’s last-minute victims. His direct intervention was felt in every attempted negotiation on Hungary’s Jews in 1944. He sealed their fate.

Holocaust-denier Abbas’s Fatah directly descends from Husseini’s forces and its ongoing ties to neo-Nazis are amply documented. Suffice it to say that Hitler’s Mein Kampf stars on PA best-seller lists, rivaled only by the infamous czarist counterfeit, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The Arab aggression against the Jews is based on an outright lie, which, once believed, becomes reality for the believers. Fraudulent reality then takes on a life of its own. If nurtured, it grows, multiplies and transforms into an axiomatic premise for a searing sense of injustice.

The lie binds. Spurious grievances confine and scourge those they ensnare.

The Arabs (who before Israeli independence fanatically spurned the Palestinian moniker as a British imperialist import – which it indeed was) were victims of their own belligerence. They murdered their own brethren and sabotaged their own economy. In 1936 Husseini instigated a self-inflicted disaster, a harbinger of the 1948 one which would follow the onslaught by seven Arab armies on day-old Israel.

The Jewish state would be blamed for surviving and would fill its thwarted would-be annihilators with yet more frustration and festering rage. Instead of abating, genocidal hate would only intensify and magnify.

Those belatedly calling themselves Palestinians portray themselves as innocents struck by a monumental calamity and continuously oppressed for no fault of their own. They clamor for another chance, for a return to Square One – presumably to recoup their losses and continue from where they left off.

No peace is possible until Arab leaders tell their people they were brainwashed for decades, victimized by lies rather than Jewish injustice. As long as Arabs feel wronged, they won’t rest till they kill the last Jew in this land.

Like it or not, the past becomes an indispensable part of Israel’s present case and without debunking outrageous distortions, Israel will be increasingly viewed as the illegitimate offspring of western connivance.

Reminding the world over and over that visceral Arab enmity spearheaded by Husseini predated so-called occupation, the establishment of a Jewish state or the Holocaust – and indeed that it contributed significantly to the unparalleled tragedy of European Jewry – becomes an imperative rather than an esoteric preoccupation.

18 thoughts on “Another Tack: Husseini’s Legacy Still Looms Large

  1. Dear Sarah, an amazing piece again, letting history do the talking, thank you, there are many facts in here that are simply not common knowledge, but one would I assume that the ever clambering-left would at least be aware of some of these before they jumped on Bibi of late, this should be printed in every Israeli and Western Newspaper for all to remove any doubt of the mufti’s enthusiasm for the demise/murder of all Jews, this is indeed the basis for the current and prevailing attitude amongst many arab nations, only they wont admit it, thank you for clarifying this so loudly Sarah, brilliant work,

  2. A rather frightening historical perspective that gives some alarming insight and understanding of what’s going on these days of unrest and murder, and why. Ought to be required reading for all members of the EU.

  3. Honig is WRONG. She writes as follows.

    “No peace is possible until Arab leaders tell their people they were brainwashed for decades, victimized by lies rather than Jewish injustice. As long as Arabs feel wronged, they won’t rest till they kill the last Jew in this land.”

    WRONG. There will not be [a chance for] peace until the foundation of this hatred is outlawed and eradicated, namely Islam itself.

    Islam itself must be outlawed and eradicated.

    And just because there are 1.8 billion Muslims, that does not make the problem insurmountable but rather simply a larger problem. And thus it needs to dealt with initially in a different fashion.

    The first step to dealing with Islam and its followers is to learn about it and then to educate non-Muslims as to the nature of Islam and its followers. And people must not take their education from the followers of Islam but rather from its critics. People will then step back in horror at the realization of what we have in our midst. Islam and its followers will then become marginalized, and that will be the beginning of the end for Islam and its followers.

    Like Nazis and Nazism which together with Islam, its followers and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who all worked together so diligently to murder our people, Islam itself must be outlawed and eradicated. Islam goes even further by canonizing in their Qur’an and their own religious works the command and examples to murder our people to the very last one.

    Now, all the Germans did not need to be killed. But Nazism, its leaders, dedicated followers and the symbolic vestiges promoting its presence were eradicated. Only the places of horrors it created and the history of what it did are preserved as a reminder to humanity.

    The Dome of the Rock and the al-Aksa mosque need to be razed. Had our people known the nature of Islam in 1967 (after nearly 1400 years we still have not internalized the nature of Islam and its followers… shame on us), we would have exposed Islam for what it is, say by reading aloud the Qur’an, and started demolitions. Islamic presence must eventually be removed, everywhere. It is important that anything of value must be disposed of in a fashion such that there is no gain nor profit from the effort.

    The solution for the moment is not a war of aggression against Islam but rather the education of our people and of western civilization regarding Islam.

    Religions can be evil. People need to understand the exact details of Islam, its history to this day, its tactics, its strategies, and to grasp the Darwinianly perfected nature and makeup (with the intelligence of captured and bred blood of other peoples including our own) of its people. We need not to take for granted extrapolations of early unrelated biblical texts that predate by thousands of years where the people of Islam may have originated. We must not blindly accept as truths Muslim explanations for their origins. They simply are what they are, and have Darwinianly perfected themselves by systematically killing off any of their own people who become apostates or voice civilized and intelligent ideas.

    Search for the following. jihad watch islam 101

    Search for the following. matthias kuntzel ahmadinejad’s world

    Search for the following. c-span Book Discussion on Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis
    Here is a sample lecture that addresses Eurabia which is but one topic of her works. The actual lecture starts at 6:00 and should be viewed at least through the first question and answer, the conclusion of the lecture and lead-in to the Q&A beginning at 45:00 in the video. Note that the first person asking questions is “Andy Bostom” who is in fact Andrew Bostom. Note that the key point providing an understanding of what is happening in Europe today is stated twice starting at 20:00 into the video.

    Search for the following. netanyahu’s right schlussel

    Search for the following. The Brussels Journal, The Truth About Islam in Europe. You may also find the article by searching for as follows. Western Civilization and Culture, The Truth About Islam in Europe. Skip to the twenty first paragraph which starts out with “Robert Davis’ methodical enumeration in Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters indicates that perhaps one and one-quarter million white European Christians were enslaved by Barbary Muslims from 1530 through 1780.”

    Search for the following. Can We Ban Islam? – Legal Guidelines for the Criminalization of Islam in the United States

    Search for the following. An Invasion of Refugees

    Search for the following. How Islam breathed new life into slavery and the slave trade in Europe

    Search for the following. Bat Ye’or: Andalusian Myth, Eurabian Reality

    Search for the followng. Devshirme: A Muslim Scourge on Christians

    Regarding Obama, search for the following. Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Model

    Search for the following. discoverthenetworks obama

    Note that Allah is not the same as G-d, and Islam although “monothesism” is not the same as Judasim.

    Lets take a look at some of Islam’s diktats as follows.

    8:12 “And when your Lord revealed to the angels who reinforced the Muslims, ‘I am with you with help and support so make those who believe firm through the help and good news you bring. I will cast terror (extreme fear) into the hearts of those who disbelieve, so strike their necks (behead them) and strike all their finger joints, cutting off their fingers and toes!’ ”

    “Fight them until there is no more chaos and [all] religion belongs to Allah” (8:39).”

    “slay the idolaters wherever you find them” (9:5)

    “until they pay the jizya with willing submissiveness and feel themselves utterly subdued” (9:29)

    9:33. It is He {Allah} Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islam), to make it superior over all religions

    9:80 “You Muhammad, may ask forgiveness for them, or not ask forgiveness for them…Even if you asked forgiveness for them seventy times, Allah still would not forgive them..That is because they have rejected Allah and His Messenger. Allah does not guide deviant people.”

    (47:4) “Therefore when you meet those who disbelieve, strike their necks—

    The followers of Islam been indoctrinated since infancy that Islam and its followers will eventually rule the earth. The commands cannoized in their Qur’an very explicity make that a point and dictate that it should be accomplished by slaying the Jew and the infidel until the task is accomplished. Again, this is what Muslims from childhood are taught, believe and expect. The orthodox Muslims that practice it are labeled “terrorists”, “radicals” or some other euphemistic label that lets Islam itself off the hook, when in fact they are carrying out to the letter explicit and very clear Islamic religious commands. An example would be to say that there is a problem with the radical SS, thus implying that Nazism itself would otherwise be okay if it were not for those pesky SS.

    Present day Muslim leadership is sly in their stealth jihad by gradually infiltrating and undermining our civilization and our very thought process itself.

    Islam will not and cannot coexist with civilization. From the perspective of Islam, any instance of rational civilized thought must be eradicated. That is because any instance of the “good” acts as a mirror, a standard by which evil can be recognized and called out. Thus the hatred of the good, the hatred of western civilization and of Jews in particular.

    The problem is that people do not understand Islam and the nature of its followers.

    I propose that we work on educating others regarding Islam and its followers. We must do this in foreign publications as much as we do here. Western civilization needs to understand the details and nature of Islam and that of its followers.

    In the words of Turkish PM Erdogan regarding the term “moderate Islam” to describe the AKP party – “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

    “Learn about Islam. That is the most important thing for people to do. Learn who it is that you are not.” – Samuel Lurie

  4. Here is a Husseini-Nazi timeline – I posted a jpg that is easier to read on Martin Sherman’s Facebook.
    • 1912: Studied in Egypt under early critic of Zionism.
    • 1914: Ottoman officer stationed in divided, Christian-majority city of Smyrna in Turkey. Genocide of 1.5m Turkish Armenians (Christians) begins.
    • 1917: on sick leave in Jerusalem when British forces take control.
    • 1918: becomes president of newly-founded Arab Club – aims were Arab unity; union of Syria-Palestine; end to Jewish immigration.
    • 1919: Jews prohibited from possessing arms by British administrators.
    • 1920: promotes terror against moderate Muslim officials, with fedayeen ”one who sacrifices himself” suicide squads.
    • 4-5Apr1920: helps organise riots on Easter in Palestine, only Arab convicted of incitement, but escapes to Syria. 20 Jewish defenders arrested and convicted. Posters in the Muslim Quarter read “Kill the Jews. There is no punishment for killing Jews.” Autumn1920: receives pardon from British.
    • 11Apr1921: meets with British and promises to be devoted to tranquility. 12Apr1921: Muslim elections for mufti of Jerusalem.
    • 1-7May1921: pogroms kill 47 Jews injure 146 in Jaffa and Petah Tikvah.
    • 8May1921: appointed by British as Mufti for life, despite opposition from Muslim High Council and being last (4th) placed in the elections.
    • 9Jan1922: appointed by British to head their Supreme Muslim Council which oversaw sharia law etc.
    • Jun1922: Churchill White Paper restricts Jewish immigration in order to appease to Arab violence.
    • 1922: fundraises and orders restoration of Dome of the Rock (including gold-plating) and Al-Aqsa mosques.
    • 1928: central member of newly-founded Muslim Brotherhood – grandaddy of most modern Islamist groups.
    • 1929: decade-long tensions over Temple Mount culminate in Palestine-wide pogrom. “He who kills a Jew is assured a place in the next life.”
    • 1920s, 1930s: actively petitions for zero Jewish immigration.
    • Dec1931: founds World Islamic Congress; first contact with Bosnian Muslim leaders.
    • 1933: meets German Consul in Palestine – welcomes Hitler and fascism.
    • 1933: first concentration camps formed after Nazis come to power – used for coercion, forced labour and imprisonment.
    • 1933-1936, more Jews emigrated from Germany to Palestine than to anywhere else in the world.
    • 1933-on: Palestine is only location to which any Nazi relocation plan succeeded in producing significant results (Haavara Agreement).
    • 1930s: Germans subdue support for Arabs until 1938 in order to preserve Anglo-German relations. Italy does provide support at least from 1936.
    • 1934 – 1939: extracts of Mein Kampf published in Arabic – Baghdad, Lebanon, Cairo.
    • 1936: meets Hitler’s Swiss banker – lifelong friendship.
    • 1930s: financed the assassination of Jews and Arab opponents, even family members, and even from exile >Sept1937.
    • 1936-9: Husseini family part of Palestine revolt, violence, killing of rivals. Germany sends weapons?
    • 21Jul1937: sought German assistance through Consul, sent representative to Berlin. Offer of assistance was granted.
    • Jul1937: finds sanctuary on Temple Mount for 3 months.
    • 2Oct1937: SS officers Eichmann, Hagen visit Palestine only for 48hrs. Meet Husseini among group of dignitaries? Meet his assistant in Cairo? Polkes?
    • 14-15Oct1937: flees to Lebanon after assassination of British official 26Sept.
    • 1938: “At Nablus, the Arab population recently received British troops with shouts of ‘Heil Hitler’! … The Arab journals Falastin and Al Difa’a publish every week articles with a racial tendency and frequently reproduce large portraits of various leaders of the Third Reich. They do not even try to conceal the fact that they have become pupils of the Ministry of Propaganda in Berlin.” — Excerpts from an article in the French magazine Marianne.
    • May1939: British White Paper rejects a Jewish State in response to 1936-39 riots.
    • Sept1939-1941 and onward: Action T4 – 90,000 to 200,000+ handicapped euthanised in Germany.
    • 1939 Poland invasion: 65,000 leaders, jews, prostitutes, gypsies, handicapped shot.
    • 13Oct1939: flees Lebanon dressed as woman. 16Oct1939: arrives Iraq – 3 of the 4 future coup leaders served with Husseini in Turkey.
    • Jun-Aug1940: Madagascar evacuation (4m) supported by SS and Jewish Department over mass extermination. Deportation to Poland temporarily stops. Failure to win Battle of Britain against RAF summer1940 means British navy unavailable for plan. Hitler spoke of plan until Feb1942.
    • Mar1940: acts as liaison between the future Iraqi coup leaders and Germany. Secretary travels to Istanbul 5Jul, Berlin 26Aug, Dec, Feb1941.
    • End1940: Siberia proposed for evacuation of Eastern European Jews for work or death – Generalplan Ost.
    • Feb1941: Hitler invites Husseini to Berlin. Spring1941: receives cash to “carry out a large operation in Palestine in the near future” after 20Jan letter.
    • 1Apr1941: part of Iraqi coup. 23May1941: Hitler – “Arab Freedom Movement is our natural ally against England in the Middle East.”
    • 29May1941: flees to Japanese legation in Iran.
    • 31May1941: Baghdad surrenders to advancing British. 1-2Jun1941: Mass ‘farhud’ pogrom in Baghdad partly foiled, but still claims 780.
    • USSR invasion: planned Apr1941, started Jul1941; “Jewish Bolshevism” and displace Jews, Slavs, Gypsies for liebensraum.
    • Jul1941: orders for execution of all Jewish males 15-45yrs old; all Jewish Red Army solders; >1 Jewish grandparent.
    • August1941: killing of Jewish women, children and elderly in USSR begins.
    • Autumn1941: until this time, mass emigration seemed to be the plan for the Jews (Marrus&Paxton).
    • Autumn1941: three routes planned for invasion of Middle East: Russia/Caucasus, Turkey/Syria or Egypt.
    • Oct1941: Final Solution is conceptualized (Browning). Construction of first killing centre, Belzec, is unofficially ordered.
    11Oct1941: smuggled from Iran to Rome via Turkey by Italian Military Intelligence, after Russians/British enter Tehran on 17Sept.
    • 25Oct1941: Hitler – “The attempt to establish a Jewish national state will end in failure.”. 27Oct1941: meets Mussolini.
    • 6Nov1941: arrives Berlin. 20/21Nov: meets with Ribbentrop. 28Nov1941: meets Hitler, who confides plan for Arabs and MidEast Jews by invasion through Caucasus. Husseini agrees to conduct propaganda. Resides in a confiscated Hebrew school. Receives very large salary.
    • Dec1941: German loss at Battle of Moscow invalidates Generalplan Ost for transfer of Eastern European Jews.
    • 12Dec1941: destruction of Jews declared by Hitler at Nazi Party meeting (Gerlach).
    • Jan1942: Action Reinhard – extermination of Polish Jews.
    • Mar1942: first killing centre starts functioning in Belzec, Poland. Spring1942: Escalation of mass killing.
    • 28Apr1942: Ribbentrop to Husseini – “Germany ready to give all her support to destruction of the Jewish National Home in Palestine.”
    • Summer1942: Final Solution finally understood as mass killing – as hope of victory over USSR is lost (Longerich).
    • “has very close contact and cooperation with Eichmann, and therefore Germany cannot agree to Palestine being the final destination.” “a sworn enemy of the Jews and has always fought for the idea of annihilating the Jews. He sticks to this idea always, also in his talks with Eichmann.”
    • post-4Nov1942: plans for Middle East holocaust with Husseini assistance put aside after El Alamein loss . Holocaust in Tunisia ensues.
    • 26Nov1942: “Arise, o sons of Arabia. Fight for your sacred rights. Slaughter Jews wherever you find them. Their spilled blood pleases Allah, our history and religion. That will save our honor.”
    • Planned extermination camp with crematorium in the Dotan Valley near Nablus. – Faiz Bay Idrisi via Haviv Kanaan.
    • 1943: officiated the notorious Bosnian Muslim SS divisions responsible for killing Jews in Croatia and Hungary.
    • May1943: persuades Himmler to kill group of Hungarian Jews rather than send to Palestine. Majority of Hungarian Holocaust victims die after this.
    • Summer1943: informed by Himmler of extent of Holocaust deaths – 3m at this stage.
    • 1943: Nazi biographical booklet describes Husseini as “the incarnation of all ideals and hopes of the Arab nation”.
    • Mar1944: “Kill the Jews wherever you find them.” – Husseini on Berlin radio in Arabic.
    • Oct1944: failed Nazi Operation Atlas in Palestine.
    • 1947: wartime reputation of Husseini employed as an argument for the establishment of a Jewish State.

  5. I feel a great nuance, which is felt in the last 6 paragraphs, is not to argue simply as to the depravity, but rather to the effect that depraved actions had on every step of the process and the outcome as we see it today.

    the depravity starts with the everlasting enmity (an absolute, bankable factor in the equation, that all observers can depend on, but which many would deny as unbelievable or unprovable), and that then moulds actions, counteractions, further actions, and ofcourse international opinion!

    without seeing things within this system, we are lost at the sight of the first teddy bear in the rubble.

    thanks for your devoted work,

  6. A great piece dear Sarah !
    Husseini is a taboo in Germany because the “GOOD NEW” Germans, deprived of Hitler and the Nazi party, have a lot of sympathie for the actions of their Arab brothers in mind…
    Merkel has now invited the Arabs to Germany, maybe this is a form of higher justice.

    • In the US, we have the NY Times in the guise of Thomas Friedman burying the role of the Mufti in the Holocaust, much the same as the NY Times buried the Holocaust as it was occurring.

  7. One madman was making, at least publicly, some vacillating noises, and the other madman pressed for the maddest choice. Was it the deciding factor? Maybe, but probably not, but what possible difference does it make? Even the non-Nazi Arabs were guilty of keeping the Jews bottled up in a murderous Europe. I do not pity the Arabs one drop, their descendants,or their supporters.

  8. Hitler and other Nazis were inspired by the example of the massacre of Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman empire and their Kurdish vassals, during and after WWI. The mufti was an artillery officer in the Ottoman army.

  9. Powerful article, depressing story. For what it’s worth, Husseini was also a failed businessman. In the 1920’s, he tried to get in on the hotel business in Jerusalem, by building the Palace hotel, in Mamilla. Construction proceeded, and the hotel opened, even though the Haganah planted listening devices in the lobby chandeliers. However, things began to fall apart when it was revealed that the hotel was constructed over part of the old Muslim cemetery, a fact that Husseini tried to cover up. The construction of the King David Hotel up the street foretold the end of his hotel venture. However, I would like to know how and why Israel was unable to extradite him, and bring him to Jerusalem, a la Eichmann, for trial.(Could it be that they didn’t want to make him a martyr?) Husseini always managed to stay one step ahead of his enemies, and lived out his life in Beirut, Lebanon, where he died in 1974, age 79.

  10. Most people do not know Haj Amin al Husseini…Netanyahu was certainly not all wrong… the incident has shone some light on the aforementioned Haj…counted Himmler and Eichmann as his mates…he should never have been made Mufti of Jerusalem because of his documented promotion of violence leading to Jewish massacres in the 1920’s…the good Haj helped found the Bosnian branch of the Waffen SS…a bunch of sadistic bastards…there were plans to duplicate Hitler’s Jewish solution in the Middle East…the Haj appears to have been part of the planning…Rommel came close to taking Egypt…stopped at Tobruk by Australian troops under their Australian commander Leslie James Morshead …also known as Ming the Merciless…first time Rommel had been stopped…he fully expected to take Tobruk quickly and so secure his supplies lines…which would almost certainly have meant the fall of Egypt and British mandated Palestine…the Haj promoted hatred towards the Jewish people…he was also responsible directly or indirectly in the deaths and assassinations of many of his own people…people do not know much about Haj Amin al Husseini…perhaps they should …S H Cohen

  11. so we see the principle of placation already having been entrenched in western mentality right from the beginning of this story:
    – arrests of 20 jews and 1 arab (husseini) after the 1920 pogrom, in which 216 jews were injured vs 23 arabs. and 18 jews critically injured vs 1 arab.
    – samuels appointing the least popular, most turbulent and intolerant candidate as mufti, in the midst of the killings of the 1921 pogrom, in the hopes of pacification through husseini’s inclusion.
    – 1922 white paper + husseini’s appointment as head of supreme muslim council – in order to appease the spirit of the 1921 pogrom, i.e. resentment towards the zionists, in which 146 jews were injured vs 73 arabs.
    – the 1939 white paper, with all of its cold finality and ghastly, embarrassing timing, to appease the arab violence of the previous 3 years.

    If there is any concept that the west and their hellenised jews could step up to and consider, it is the pattern we are seeing where placation is being met by the reverse of what we expect. Having any real empathy and interest in the middle east would allow one to find that this observation can be abundantly reinforced if we really look at how things happen. PLACATION IS SEEN AS A SIGN OF WEAKNESS WHICH IS TO BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF!!!

    when we ally this observation with the foundational hatred and supremacism and its absolute rejection of jewish self-determination in the region, you have a much better helping the situation and seeing it clearly.

    one more cultural realism would complete the package: strategic dishonesty.

    many perhaps lack the compassion or respect required to hold the arabs to any sort of standard whatsoever, discounting them as a lesser breed and effectively cursing them to continue to their destruction. this stance is enabled by the more attractive opportunity that is represented by it to incriminate and demonise jews. this stance ofcourse also leads to jewish lives being endangered. so in one move, one can both demonise and endanger jews. 😦

    many thanks,

  12. The question really is what Netanyahu was trying to say by bringing all of this up at this time in particular. This blows up what is relatively unimportant, and not instrumental in Hitler’s plans. The murdering of Jews had already begun prior to the meeting. It only became systematic after.

    But who cares about fine distinctions?

    No question Haj Amin Al Husseini hated the Jews and did not want them pushed East. “Burn them” is not a quote. We have no transcript go his meeting with Hitler.

    But who cares about fine distinctions?

    This is all innuendo and part of the war with Palestinian Arabs and Islam itself at times. Netanyahu was aiming to label all of those with whom ultimately peace must be made with the mark of Haj Amin, pouring gasoline on the fire, broad brushing them all. I.e. you should think ( if you don’t already) they are all Jew haters to this day and want to annihilate us. This is the hate that Ms Honig is pushing, justifying with cherry picked facts included and her own innuendo.

    But who cares about fine distinctions?

    Fortunately many in the rest of the world could and can see through this. It’s a bunch of die hard righteous haters on this side that eat this up for nourishment that are instrumental in perpetuating this endless conflict.

    • ‘Cherry picked’ or not, these are facts, along with the fact that innocent Jewish babies, children, mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers continue to be slashed to death in the homes and on the streets of Israel. Why? Why doesn’t Abbas make peace with Israel? Is it because Israel hasn’t offered Abbas enough? Or is it because there is no plan for peace in his heart? Arafat once said that if he made peace with Israel he would be a dead man. Remember Anwar Sadat?

      Another reason why Jews are slaughtered in our own land is because Netanyahu is not Menachem Begin. He would not have allowed the murder of innocent Jews to continue unabated. This is the bitter fruit of Oslo in 1993. Or didn’t Israel, in your mind, give Oslo a chance?

      Do these Jewish murders occur because we are implacable foes and daily go on rampages throughout Palestinian communities, murdering innocent Palestinians and inciting to murder and terror through our newspapers, radio and television?

      Do you think there is justification for the Palestinians to murder us Jews? Did we steal their land from them? Isn’t that what they’ve been told? Does our villainy fuel their rage, or do the lies about us, put forth from Husseini, Arafat and now Abbas, in their Palestinian school books, radio, TV and Facebook, etc., fuel the rage of the ‘Palestinian on the street’? Or do you think that the Palestinians aren’t lying about us? I only wish that they taught their children to desire peace with the Jews instead of being martyrs for Allah.

      The only peace the so-called Palestinians will have is when every Jew is annihilated. Thank the Living God that will never happen, but for the time being we have to put up with their atrocities, and people like you who add salt to the wound.

      Your understanding, Dorothy, doesn’t line up with history, cherry picked facts or not. If the Palestinians wanted peace with Israel they would have had it decades ago.

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