Another Tack: Transcending All Other Considerations

Sir Alexander Cadogan: “the killing of Jews now transcends all other considerations.”

Sir Alexander Cadogan: “the killing of Jews now transcends all other considerations.”

The 67th anniversary tomorrow of the UN General Assembly’s Partition Resolution is intrinsically relevant to the recent decisions by several European parliaments and Sweden’s new leftwing government to recognize a State of Palestine. The UN Resolution of November 29, 1947 underscores the bias and hubris of the international community’s preachers-cum-omniscients.

Stockholm’s world-affairs neophytes – newly-elected Prime Minister Stefan Lofven and his foreign minister Margot Wallström – have ostensibly taken it upon themselves to educate us Israelis about our existential predicaments. It’s a safe bet they don’t care to know about pivotal UN Resolution 181.

We could regard their move as a self-serving attempt to curry favor with Sweden’s growing Muslim electorate. But we’ll be charitable and assume that it all springs from their misguided acceptance of the bogus axiom that a Palestinian state had existed from time immemorial and that it was cruelly overrun in an act of unprovoked aggression by Israel on June 5, 1967.

Ever since, it’s alleged, the state of Palestine had been under occupation. In other words, Israel had violently extinguished Palestine’s flourishing sovereignty. This is today’s self-evident, universally worshiped gospel. No substantiation thereof is necessary and any deviation therefrom is sacrilege. 

Truth is strictly taboo, lest it expose the fraudulence of the entire premise. No one wants to know that there never-ever was a Palestinian state – not in all annals of mankind.  There are advantages to deception, especially when it yields realpolitik perks. Thus the dysfunctional family of nations is more than happy to clasp to its selectively loving bosom another fictitious Arab addition.

This is where Resolution 181 becomes the vital touchstone. It goes right to the very heart of the conflict between Jews and Arabs – a conflict which had long predated Israel’s birth. This conflict isn’t and never was about a Palestinian state.

There would have been no strife were the establishment of such a state the ultimate objective of the Arab world. A Palestinian Arab state could have been declared independent in keeping with Resolution 181 – together with Israel – but no Arab would hear of it.

In Early November 30, 1947, a mere few hours after the resolution was adopted, embryonic Israel was thrust against its will into its War of Independence.

Initially November 30th couldn’t be differentiated from what preceded it – unprovoked Arab attacks on Jews wherever they could be ambushed, which was mostly on the roads (an Arab penchant well into the 21st Century). Moreover, by the 1949 Armistice there would be over 6000 Jewish dead, a full one-percent of the fledgling state’s beleaguered population.

And that wasn’t all. The blood-letting continued on-and-off during all ensuing decades. The greatest escalation was triggered by the 1993 “threat of peace” – by what false prophets, led by Shimon Peres, promised us was the dawning of the blissful Osloite era.

Peace victims,” as then-premier Yitzhak Rabin depicted them in his inimitable Orwellian Newspeak, are still being offered on the altar of an accommodation which hinges on the establishment of a Palestinian state – the very state which the Arab world rejected with vehement violence in 1947.

The Arabs’ failure to annihilate newborn Israel, and their follow-up masquerade as downtrodden innocents, made it desirable to omit from the memories of willingly bamboozled world-opinion and mercilessly indoctrinated Arab masses what happened 67 years ago on the outskirts of mundane Petach Tikva – in the very center of the Jewish heartland, right at home, hardly in a distant usurping empire.

That was when Arabs by their own conscious decision set off what they now bewail as their Nakba – the catastrophe that left many of them dispossessed and Israel sovereign and resilient beyond even its founders’ dreams.

Resolution 181, against which the entire Arab world rose up, called for the partition of western Palestine into two economically integrated states – one Jewish and one Arab. Eastern Palestine, comprising nearly 80% of the total, was arbitrarily ripped off by the British Mandate in 1922 and handed over to a princeling from what has since become known as Saudi Arabia. Emir Abdullah’s gift-package was artificially dubbed Transjordan, a country entirely unheard of in human history and whose counterfeit nationality is today labeled Jordanian.

Though on paper Jews received 54% of the remainder, they actually got three non-contiguous slivers. The largest of them included the Arava desert, eastern Negev and the Negev’s far south (down to then-nonexistent Eilat). Most of the moonscape terrain wasn’t arable and was certainly unsuitable for large-scale urban habitation.

Another bit was wedged in the eastern Galilee around Lake Kinneret. The most densely populated mini-slice was an unimaginably narrow noodle along the Mediterranean, where most Jews congregated and which was hair-raisingly vulnerable. Within it was enclosed the Arab enclave of Jaffa, while Nahariya was left outside the Jewish state.

Jerusalem and Bethlehem were to comprise a “corpus separatum,” an international zone, this notwithstanding the fact that Jerusalem boasted an undeniable Jewish majority going back at least to the beginning of the 19th Century (there were no censuses beforehand).

Nonetheless, organized Christianity couldn’t abide the affront of Jewish dominion in the Holy City and appeared not to mind the subsequent Jordanian invasion and occupation (for 19 years) of part of the city, the expulsion at gunpoint of its ancient Jewish community, the destruction of sacred Jewish sites and the banning of Jews from their Holiest of Holies.

Untenable and implausible though the 1947 hodgepodge partition was, Jewish multitudes rejoiced in the streets. At that moment it didn’t matter how nightmarish and absurd the disjointed territorial splinters assigned to them were.

What mattered was that for the first time in 2,000 years Jewish self-determination – if even on a ridiculously diminutive and fragile geographical fragment – appeared increasingly like a viable reality, despite immediate Arab hostility toward any compromise whatsoever with any Jewish entity. (Independence itself wouldn’t be formally proclaimed until the premature peevish British departure in mid-May, 1948 – instead of August).

Arab threats of genocide found their preliminary tangible expression as the Jews’ last exuberant outdoor celebrations were winding down in the early hours of November 30.

Egged bus #2094, carrying 21 passengers, left Netanya at 7:30 a.m. for Jerusalem. When it reached the Egyptian migrants’ hamlet of Fajja, a kilometer from Petach Tikva’s Syrkin Junction, the driver noticed three men waving to him. Assuming they were hitching a ride, he slowed down.

Critically too late, he detected a partially protruding machinegun under a coat. He tried to speed up but hand grenades and automatic fire sent his bus off the road and injured most its commuters. The marauders then climbed on board to finish off whoever couldn’t escape, including a husband trying desperately to revive his wounded wife.

A British officer, who chanced by later, discovered five bodies inside the bullet-riddled vehicle. They were later identified as Shalom Ya’ari of Netanya, Hanna Weiss of Jerusalem, Hirsh Stark of Jerusalem (70-years-old when murdered), Haya Yisraeli (24) from Netanya and Shoshana Mizrahi (22) of Netanya, traveling to her own wedding in Jerusalem. They were the War of Independence’s first official causalities.

The number soon rose to seven when a mere 25 minutes afterwards a second bus – going from Hadera to Jerusalem – was attacked in the identical manner nearby, probably by the same infamous Abu-Kishk gang.

On February 17, 1948 the IZL launched an offensive against Fajja and in April the Hagana finished the job. Nowadays Fajja is woefully lamented on every Nakba website, cited as the hapless Palestinian prey of Jewish interlopers. So much for Arab veracity.

And if the above account isn’t deemed sufficiently impartial for self-appointed Swedish adjudicators, they may benefit from referring to the records of the UN Palestine Commission. Set up as the executive instrument of Resolution 181, the commission was “charged with direct responsibility for implementing the measures recommended by the General Assembly.”

On January 14, 1948 Sir Alexander Cadogan, representative of Britain (which then ruled this land and was virulently antagonistic to incipient Jewish sovereignty) officially warned the Commission that “The Arabs had made it clear that they proposed to resist with all the forces at their disposal the implementation of the partition plan.” Subtext: their goal never was a Palestinian state.

Indeed, the Arabs not only boycotted the commission but threatened to attack its members. On January 19, 1948 the Arab Higher Council informed the UN that it “is determined to persist in rejecting partition and in refusing to recognize the UN Resolution and anything deriving therefrom.”

On January 21 Cadogan made a last ditch effort to prevent the implementation of the partition plan by predicting that soon the “Commission will be faced with the problem of how to avert certain bloodshed on a very much wider scale than prevails at present.”  Genocidal Arab intents were no secret.

In this context Cadogan made his most blood-chilling observation – one which should still ring loud in our ears. He noted that the commission’s international status “will mean little or nothing to the Arabs in Palestine, to whom the killing of Jews now transcends all other considerations.”

This admission, from one who could never be accused of pro-Jewish tendencies, should be memorized by any foreign meddler who presumes to show us the light. The Arab bloodlust Cadogan described before Israel’s birth still exists.

On Israel’s first day, Arab League Secretary-General Abdul-Rahman Azzam Pasha, confirmed Arab priorities. Sending forth seven Arab armies to wipe out the “Zionist entity,” he declared: This will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades.”

The Arab agenda and intentions were unambiguous. The creation of a Palestinian state wasn’t even considered. Syria, Jordan and Egypt had even devised their own plan for the partition of Palestine – among themselves.

The unvarnished truth is that even now the last thing Palestinians desire is an Arab Palestinian state dwelling in idyllic coexistence alongside a secure, accepted and recognized Jewish state. Honchos in both Ramallah and Gaza may cynically exploit the two-state catchphrase, but they never genuinely espoused the cause of two-state harmony.

But what do Lofven and Wallström care that the Arabs brazenly spawned and successfully market a lie?

Forgetting Resolution 181 is exceedingly expedient for the brainwashed Mideast and voluntarily gullible moral relativists in capitals like Stockholm. It’s too useful – even in snow-white Sweden – not to remember that the Arabs were never interested in a Palestinian state. All they ever wanted and still want is to destroy the Jewish state.

10 thoughts on “Another Tack: Transcending All Other Considerations

  1. Islam itself commands that we Jewish people in particular must be killed to the very last one. Through indoctrination of its children, it becomes intrinsic to the underlying nature of all followers of Islam. Very few (I count them on thumbs, say Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Wafa Sultan) are smart and lucky enough to escape this indoctrination alive. The destruction of our Jewish state would simply be a byproduct of the murder of our people, after the destruction of which, the murder of all the remainder of our people would then continue to be attempted to the very last one of us.

  2. Dumb clucks though they certainly are, the Swedish Prime Minister and Foreign Minister are more likely familiar with the historical facts, and deliberately favor the Palestinian narrative in order to save their own asses from Israel’s enemies.

  3. To be or not to be…nothing has changed for the Jewish state since 1948 !
    Thank you so much for your dire account dear Sarah, hopefully Israel will reject ALL further attempts to sell out it’s land and people.
    Sweden and the EU has no right and no power, to impose a terror state on Israels soil, these states a just antisemitic paper tigers.

  4. As usual, you gave an excellent and accurate historical account account about what really happened in 1947. However, it is not the Arabs or even the UN that needs to learn the true history of the “palestinians” and be ready to proclaim it; IT IS ISRAELIS–ESPECIALLY THEIR LEADERS!!! No one has hurt the cause of Zionism and the legitimacy of the State of Israel as well as helped create the reality of an actual “State of Palestine” as much as has some of the political and other prominent leaders of Israel and Diaspora Jews by NOT standing by the truth and allowing the Arab lies to be accepted even by Jewish historians themselves!!!!

    • The Abandonment of the Jews by Jews Themselves

      Commentator “bluewhale11” is to be commended for raising a most important and ultimately quite heartbreaking point.

      Among those who have played the part of “accomplices” in the death of millions of Jews have been members of the so-called Jewish “establishment”.

      During WW II, long before there was such a thing as the State of Israel, both the Jewish owned and controlled “New York Times” and the American Jewish Leadership, including the highest ranking and most influential Jews in America, averted their eyes from the seriousness of the growing “Holocaust” in Europe and beyond.

      As early as 1939 it was clear that there was a definite plan to exterminate every Jew in Europe. Even when reports began to seep into the American and British news media in 1940 and 1941, that Europe’s Jews were being murdered by the of hundreds of thousands, such news articles were generally buried in the back pages of major, influential newspapers including the New York Times.

      Few Jews today and in fact very few Americans living today know that in 1942, the well known American Publisher, “G.P. Putnam’s Sons” in New York, published a 615 page book, titled “The Black Book of Poland, which was profusely illustrated with photographs and Nazi documents, that proved exactly what was happening to the Jews in Poland and was soon to befall all the Jews of Europe.

      It is crucial to understand that the 615 pages that comprise “The Black Book of Poland” only includes events that took place up to the end of June, 1941.

      However anyone reading this book today would assume that the book was comprised of information gathered as late as 1945, so horrific and blood curdling are the eyewitness accounts. Yet the horrific events detailed in the book only represent a small taste of what was to come soon after.

      The last sentence of the Preface ends with the words:

      “The documents in this book give the reader an unbiased picture of German mentality which made the efficacy of organized mass murder practiced by the Germans a phenomenon to which there is no parallel in the history of mankind”.

      Again, one must be mindful of the fact that the book only covered the actions and bestial, sadistic behavior of the Nazis up to June, 1941.

      Every Jew on Earth, but particularly in the State of Israel, should own a copy of “The Black Book of Poland” in their home library. Every Jewish Family in the world needs to be familiar with the contents of “The Black Book of Poland” lest they become lulled into the false idea that “it can never happen again”.

      Written between 1939 to 1941 and Published in America in 1942, this 615 page volume is the living proof and constitutes a shattering and stinging indictment that literally the entire world both in America and in Europe, were aware and in the utmost detail, exactly what was happening to the Jews of Europe from the late 1930’s and going forward as WW II progressed.

      This book gives the lie to the preferred, mealy mouthed position that no one in the US and/or British Governments were truly informed and/or totally aware of just how serious was the situation for the Jews of Europe as the Germans swept over and throughout Europe.

      The book it must be recalled, was not released as some type of highly “Top Secret/ and Highly Classified” Document/Report intended only for a few select eyes to read. On the contrary “The Black Book of Poland” was intended to be read by the entire United States Government and all the people in America.

      It comes as no surprise that Washington averted its eyes from the eyewitness information in the book and that Americans in general could not be bothered by the planned extermination of the Jewish People in general.

      But what comes as a shock to the brain is that the Jewish Establishment in America decided it was “best” to play down the increasingly growing slaughter of the Jews of Europe.

      The American Jewish Establishment including the influential New York Times newspaper, took the position that “it was best not to rock the boat” lest the well known already long existing state of Anti-Semitism in America become exacerbated and be made to become worse.

      And thus because very few Jewish individuals in positions of influence were willing to speak out, and were in fact drowned out, by the Jewish Establishment when they did so, Six Million Jews were abandoned to die in Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen, Sobibor, Treblinka and the dozens of other Death Camps too numerous to name.

      Not one rail of the tracks leading into Auschwitz and the other Death Camps was ever bombed.
      Not a single gas chamber or crematorium was ever destroyed during the whole course of WW II. And the obscene lie was told that the American and British fighter planes were not able to carry sufficient fuel to reach the Death Camps.

      But an entire gallery at Yad Vashem is devoted to exhibiting large reconnaissance photos taken by Allied pilots that prove they not only were capable of reaching the Death Camps but then flew over and past them without ever dropping a single bomb.

      There are many in the State of Israel who have long memories and are also well read and well educated in terms of history. And I imagine most of those individuals own a copy of “The Black Book of Poland” published in 1942, and have most likely read it many times over the years.

      And then there are in Israel, the walking blind and the walking dead who still yammer on and on about a so-called “Two State Solution” and some Mythical big pot of gold called “Peace” waiting to be found at the end of the Rainbow.

      Sadder still are those Jews who never cease to lecture others how the G-d of Israel has always been there to smite our enemies and protect us from all danger.

      But please tell me where He was when my entire Family comprised of human beings aged as old as 93 and as young as 2 years of age were savagely murdered and burned in ovens.

      May the Leaders of the State of Israel always remember that old familiar saying that “G-d helps those who help themselves”.

      As Israel did in 1948, in 1956, in 1967, in 1973, in 1982 and on and on and also every night and day in between.

      It is all the IDF Martyrs of Israel’s countless wars that have given their blood and their very lives to protect the existence of the State of Israel.

      And no person on this Earth can ever thank them enough for their Sacrifice.


      • I too believe that neither the U.S. nor Britain cared what happened to the Jews. So little in fact that it was more important to allow a train to take tens of thousands of Jews to their deaths rather than have it take shoes and coffee to the soldiers. So it was a while before I checked up on “The Black Book of Poland”. Used, it’s $75 so I’m not likely to buy it, but I did check the table of contents and the comments. It’s not about Jews. It’s about the suffering of the Poles and was authored by the “Polish Ministry of Information”, whatever that is.

        This reminded me of the extensive and ongoing whitewash of Poland’s antisemitism. With a user edited site like Wikipedia you can follow it. The Polish people look better year by year. They are now practically saintlike; the Jews’ only salvation during their darkest hour. You need to know specific Polish names to get any information at all, and even then, it changes with time. I just checked the Jedwabne pogrom of 1941 and was directed to a new link, “rescue of Jews by Poles during the Holocaust”. I then checked the Kielce pogrom of 1946 and find it was an entirely a communist operation – and you do know who was responsible for Communism, don’t you?

        When you get bombarded by Polish propaganda all you have to remember is that there were 3 million Jews in Poland and 90% were murdered, a larger percentage than even the Germans. Their only competition were the Balts who killed in the high 90 percents. After the war the remaining 10% were shown the exit by popular pogroms like Kielce. That got rid of 90% of the 10%, leaving a mere 1% of the original. Still that was 30,000 too many. The communists in an anti-Zionist frenzy got rid of them in the sixties. That was another 90%. There are now only 3000 Jews left in Poland. That is even less than was left in Germany(roughly 20% of the 40% who didn’t flee before the war, augmented by several hundred thousand former Russian Jews plus a noisy ten thousand anti-Zionist Israelis).

        By the time your grandchildren are full grown, there will only be One Bad Man to Blame. All others were his victims, especially the Germans.

      • I appreciate that commentator “J’Opinion” took the time to read and reflect on my own comment.

        However, the commentator, while reporting a large amount of accurate information, nevertheless at the same time made statements that are not totally accurate and indeed at times most misleading.

        This is a direct result of the fact that “J’Opinion”, by his own admission, chose NOT to acquire a copy of “The Black Book of Poland”, citing the fact that he found the price of a used copy was more than he wished to spend for that book. Had “J’Opinion” been more interested in reading this unique and most important work he might have been motivated to research and discover that the book was readily available via later reprints and reprints “on demand” from various sources in the publishing world.

        “J’Opinion” stated in his reply to my own comment as follows which I quote verbatim:

        “I did check the table of contents and the comments. It’s not about Jews. It’s about the suffering of the Poles and was authored by the “Polish Ministry of Information”, whatever that is.”

        The last three words quoted above speak, by their rather dismissive tone, volumes about their author and require no additional comment from me.

        While it is true that the book deals with the countless mind boggling sadistic atrocities visited on the Polish people as a whole, after the Germans invaded Poland, it is literally a misleading statement to say the book is not about Jews. After all, the horrors visited upon the Poles as a whole, ipso facto means that those atrocities were being visited upon the millions of Jews who comprised a large portion of the Polish nation prior to WW II.

        Had “J’Opinion” taken the trouble to acquire a copy and read “The Black Book of Poland” he would have seen the vast amount of material, reported in tremendous detail, regarding what was being done to the Jews of Poland, in particular, both in words and by means of numerous heartbreaking photographs, as the Germans took over Poland and slaughtered millions using the most barbaric and cruelly sadistic methods of which the human mind can conceive.

        I feel absolutely obligated to quote here verbatim from the Table of Contents of “The Black Book of Poland” lest a reader of Susan Honig’s Blog decide NOT to acquire and carefully read one of the seminal documents to emerge from WW II in general, and Holocaust historical material in particular.

        It continues to remain a great mystery as to why there are so very few references to “The Black Book of Poland” in all the countless mountains of books published during the past 70 years dealing with the Holocaust despite the fact that one can easily obtain a copy- even the actual original version published in 1942 by G.P. Putnam’s Sons, New York.

        Commentator “J’Opinion” chose to leave a comment stating that he quote:

        “did check the table of contents and the comments…(and) … It’s not about Jews”.

        That comment is difficult to understand since I have the book open in front of me now and the Table of Contents is quite specific as to what is included within the book’s 615 pages by the many contributors who were all first hand eyewitness to the facts and events reported in ‘The Black Book of Poland”.

        From the Table of Contents of “The Black Book of Poland”, page “ix”, one may note:


        STATISTICAL SURVEY OF POLISH JEWERY- beginning on page 217

        I. HUMILIATING REGULATIONS- beginning on page 219
        Who is a Jew ? – Distinguishing Marks- Jews May Not Use Railways- Barred from Parks

        II. MASSACRES AND BRUTALITIES- beginning on page 223
        53 Jews Shot in One House- Murders and Mass Slaughters-
        Jewish Soldiers Sentenced to Death- Treatment of Women- Torturing of Jews

        III. CONFISCATION OF JEWISH PROPERTY- beginning on page 228
        Jewish Businesses Given to Germans
        Occupational Restrictions- Compulsory Labor for Jews

        The Lublin Reservation- beginning on page 234

        V. THE GHETTOS
        The Ghetto in Warsaw- The Ghetto in Lodz- The Ghetto at Cracow-
        Health in the Ghetto- Ghetto Administration- Jewish Schools

        VI. RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION- beginning on page 250


        The above section of the book’s lengthy Table of Contents can in no way give even the faintest idea of the cumulative effect of ALL the 615 pages that comprise “The Black Book of Poland”.

        The countless photographs take by German Photographers of all the various ways the Jews, in particular, were treated, humiliated, tortured and the actions taken against them on a daily basis, including the numerous rapes of Jewish women and young Jewish girls and being ordered to create brothels in Jewish communities for the German soldiers (which the Jews paid a heavy price for refusing), and on and on, cannot begin to be described.

        Although I have spent a lifetime collecting and reading books dealing with the Holocaust, I can honestly state that I know of few individual books that document the endless atrocities visited on the Jews (as well as the non- Jews) of Poland, as one encounters in reading “The Black Book of Poland”

        In this one volume one will encounter endless things not read or seen before, anywhere else.

        It is as if, as things became worse and worse for the Jewish people in Europe and the Holocaust grew in size to such mind boggling proportions, the facts of the first 22 months after the initial Nazi invasion of Poland became subsumed into the mountain of facts and events constituting the following four years of the War.

        As one reads this haunting book created from countless eyewitness reports assembled, and released by “The Polish Ministry of Information” (in Exile in England), one feels he had never really had a truly and fully complete idea of just how the Germans dealt with the people of the countries they invaded.

        The levels and types of barbarity displayed by the Germans during the invasion, rape and enslavement of the people of Poland beggars the imagination and the reader constantly must pause, interrupt his reading and ask himself “how is it I never read these things anywhere else”.

        And that is the whole point. Regardless of how much one believes he/she knows about the Holocaust, yet there is still a great deal people do not know and were never aware of that happened.

        As stated in the book’s Preface:

        “The documents in this book give the reader an unbiased picture of German mentality which made the efficacy of organized mass murder practiced by the Germans a phenomenon to which there is no parallel in the history of mankind”.

        The bestial behavior which we know is being practiced in the Middle East today, including repeated beheadings, modern day Crucifixions, hangings and burnings alive of people, is simply a repeat of what human beings have committed in the past, during the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages and during the Holocaust itself.

        During the early years of Israel’s existence, there was never a time when Israel’s many enemies did not promise there would be rivers of Jewish blood in the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

        One Arab leader would attempt to outdo another Arab leader with statements to the effect that in ridding so-called Palestine of the Jews they would outdo the Crusades in terms of violence, gore and blood letting.

        When today’s barbarians take pride and pleasure in publishing their sadism and barbaric behavior to hundreds of millions of viewers via the Internet, that should give the Jewish people a strong wake up call that nothing regarding the Jews has changed in two thousand years.

        Were the Barbarians at the Gate’s of Israel’s Borders, ever to succeed in breaching her walls with the tens of thousands of long range missiles they have accumulated from Iran and other sources, what one can read in “The Black Book of Poland” would be the “play book” the invaders would follow.

        It comes as a shock to the brain that so many people in the world cannot digest and accept these simple facts. It comes as a far greater shock that so many in Israel and in particular in the government do not see the truth in front of their eyes and support, believe in and promote the so-called “Two State Solution”.

        As the great French Philosopher, George Santayana correctly noted and wrote so long ago:

        “Those who do not study History are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the Past”.

        That is why knowledge is everything. That knowledge begins with reading such seminal books as “The Black Book of Poland” published in 1942. It spoke in its 615 pages of what was happening to the Jews of Poland and predicted what was about to happen and be repeated throughout Europe to every Jew everywhere.

        But the world did not listen of even care to listen. And we know that Silence is Death.

        Few realize that the clock of history is ticking and winding down.
        And one day, relatively soon, in the not too distant future, we will all wake up to the news that the State of Israel has listened long enough to the threats emanating from the mouths of Iran’s Leaders and decided to take Iran’s Leaders at their word.

        The Lessons of the 1967 Six Day War are clear. It is not a question of “if” but “when”.

        Read “The Black Book of Poland”.

  5. After condemning the Poles, I should mention a true Polish hero, Jan Karski. The comments section does not allow urls so you will have to google it yourself – |Jan Karski about his meeting with President Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1943|. It’s an eight minute video (ignore the niggling interruptions by the pesky interviewer Claude Lanzmann). Karski was incredibly brave. He was smuggled into the Warsaw Ghetto and into concentration camps but was fortunate enough to escape and notify Roosevelt in time for him to do something. He of course, didn’t. In the video you will see why. You can see Karski’s utter contempt for the smug pompous self-satisfied Roosevelt. In another video that I could not find, Karski gets the nerve to ask Roosevelt what he can take back to suffering Poland. And I can see in my mind’s eye his imitation of Roosevelt rising up and pompously stating, “Justice. [pointing up into the air] I can promise you justice”. Ugh.

    I’ve had personal experience of Arab treachery. What I thought was a friend poisoned me on my last day in the territories. No one can fool me about their intent – but they aren’t Germans. They wish the Jews’ submission, not extermination. They hope to exploit the Jew, like they did in the Golden Age. The German was simply mean. Catholic meanness is different from Islamic hatred. You like to read (I don’t), read Klemperer’s diary. He was a Protestant convert who thought himself a good German and managed to survive the war. He describes the increasing petty humiliations. Jews couldn’t sit on benches in the park, couldn’t own typewriters, couldn’t have a kitten. Even in the cattle cars going to the gas chambers they didn’t have chamber pots. Why? After all, it took more work later to clean the cars. Just to add to the Jews’ misery. That is not the Arab way. Arabs are treacherous and brutal but they do what they do in hot blood, not in cold meanness. It’s a grievous mistake thinking they are the same.

  6. For any elections, the makeup and therefore strength of any new government, and in the long run the future of Israel itself, depends upon how well the [Jewish] people of Israel understand Islam and the nature of its followers.

    My comment is off-topic for the given article, but I do think that it is worth noting at this time.

  7. You are absolutely correct in your comments. I find it very staggering in the fact that many individuals, very notably in Israel herself, are seemingly oblivious too this reality of those around them who are ignorant of the fact many want the demolition of Israel herself. Livni is one who really comes to the forefront in this instance. She appears more in touch and onside with those wishing the demise of Israel itself…and she is (was) a member of the government!!! Does Israel really know what she is doing? Time seems short for things to turn around. It really seems that many Israelis themselves have a desire for her demise. Now I read even Peres is attempting too squeeze back into the mix with his desire to subject many to subvert themselves to the Arabs. Where does it stop? Does the majority in Israel have a desire to annihilate themselves? Have they forgotten so soon?? Be strong Israel…do not subvert yourselves too the whim of fools. Your very existence depends upon your ability to be strong and understand you are encircled by millions wishing nothing less than your extermination.
    I am a supporter of Netanyahu but he seems unsure now of himself. My prayer is he is still strong and has a good plan ahead. Israels entire existance depends on it. I am searching for the book you mention. BE STRONG ISRAEL!!!

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