Preview of Coming Comments

Preview of coming eventsThe hardly unexpected reactions to Operation Protective Edge, from those who rarely react when Israel is attacked, may be regarded as a preview of coming comments.

At first hearing, some Israelis took heart from the fact that players like the UN Secretary General and EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton at all denounced the missile barrages from Gaza. But the devil is in the further details. It’s instructive to pay heed to the entirety of their messages.

Thus Ban Ki-moon, according to a statement released by his spokesman in NY, “condemns the recent multiple rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza. These indiscriminate attacks on civilian areas must stop.” But then comes the clincher: “The Secretary-General is extremely concerned at the dangerous escalation of violence, which has already resulted in multiple Palestinian deaths and injuries as a result of Israeli operations against Gaza.” 

It’s noteworthy that Ban mentioned only Islamic Jihad as the wrongdoer and not Hamas, which has gallingly gained respectability from the unity pact struck with Ramallah’s Mahmoud Abbas.

The identical singular focus on Islamic Jihad is evident of Ashton’s statement. Ashton, who was remarkably unperturbed by persistent rocket fire on Israel’s south from Gaza, woke up only after Israel was forced to respond.

Ashton “strongly condemned” the Gazan rocketing of Israel “for which the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which is listed by the EU as a terrorist organization, has claimed responsibility.” Hamas isn’t in the picture and its seeming absence appears to absolve it of culpability.

Her statement then continued: “The EU deplores the growing number of civilian casualties, reportedly among them children, caused by Israeli retaliatory fire. The safety and security of all civilians must be of paramount importance.”

Both Ban and Ashton – and others as well – appear to have conveniently lost sight of cause and effect.

They express distaste for the Gazan barrages but it’s almost like lip service that allows them to then draw false equivalence between the Israeli response and the rain of rockets from Gaza which triggered the crisis. This is the nuance prevalent in comments from a plethora of foreign leaders who rushed to cheer the Hamas-Fatah coalition recently.

The subtext is clear. As Israel continues to defend its civilians, it will be increasingly taken to task for civilian losses among those who attacked it without provocation – while Israel, in fact, continues to supply them with food, medications and, most meaningfully, electricity from the very power plant they unremittingly rocket.

Herein lies the vital distinction between Israel and its implacable foes. They seek to wreak havoc and cause as much civilian death and destruction as they can. There was public celebration in Ramallah and Jenin as rockets were fired into central Israel.

Israel seeks to make its strikes as pinpointed as possible. What military sends out warnings by SMS, phone and leaflets to civilians to evacuate projected targets? This doubtless hampers the effectiveness of Israel’s strikes, yet Israel still takes inconceivable risks to spare enemy civilians.

That said, in many cases Hamas deliberately counters these warnings by congregating civilians on roofs of buildings Israel is about to hit. The idea is to deter Israel with human shields.

This means that our enemies recognize Israeli soft-heartedness and count on our humanity to spare their civilians, so that they thereby are given a free hand to launch rockets at our civilians or to deploy infiltrators to massacre Israelis on the ground.

Anyone who ignores this turns a blind eye to outright malevolence.

In a situation where deadly terrorist kingpins hide behind their human shields, it boils down to them or us. If the human shields are granted immunity, it will be at the cost of Israeli lives. There’s no getting around this underlying reality of the dirty Hamas war.

When the Arab world and the oft-biased choir of international pontificators disregard this, they in effect announce that they care less about Israelis than they do about those who deliberately and repeatedly attack Israeli civilians.

Disingenuous demands for artificial proportionality are nothing less than clamoring for Israel to cease protecting its citizens.

9 thoughts on “Preview of Coming Comments

  1. bravo Sarah, I see the arab league are condemning Israel’s actions, and it is funny how they have not mentioned the rockets that were first of all sent to Israel nor did they manage to have such a gathering to condemn the murder of the 3 Israeli teens which started this round of attacks…I am amazed that the world seems to view the Israeli’s and Pali’s as somehow equally responsible in this, it sickens me, its really getting old…but I guess you and your people have gotten use to this…I hope that Israel continues its actions against Hamas regardless of what the International community thinks, as you have correctly stated, they don’t really care about Israel….which should be embarrassing, but amazingly its not…its absolutely amazing…but then again there are still some who deny the Holocaust…

  2. Sigh. All I can say is….I stand with Israel. Remember the vast majority of us in America do stand with you. I personally believe the American Jewish community is so leftist they have turned their backs on you. Christians church’s that have done that are losing membership in the hundreds of thousands as we turn to non-denominational churches that follow the scriptures. Evil is rampant in the world and Islam and “liberalism” is at the root of it. They do go hand in hand.

  3. The usual suspect. If they EVER showed impartiality, they might have some credibility. As it is, they have less than none.

  4. This reminds me of the story about 2 school kids who were taken to the principal’s office because they had been fighting.
    The principal asked who started it.
    One of the boys answered, “He hit me back first!”

  5. I haven’t heared ANYTHING from the EU and UN morons about Syria & Iraq during the last days…
    Oh of course, these countries have long ago driven out all the Jewish people who once lived on their soil.
    So nothing more to do, for the worlds Jew haters in these cases.

  6. I just don’t get why anyone is the least little bit surprised at the way that everyone is acting and commenting. There is absolutely nothing new being said or published from anybody! The only thing that I hope (but am not counting on) is that Netanyahu and other Israelis will stand strong and refuse to show “restraint” and accept a “ceasefire” AGAIN!!!

  7. So why is Israel still supplying Gaza with food, electricity and medications while it is being bombarded with rockets and mortars from Gaza? As long as the terrorists don’t care about their civilians why should the Israelis care?

    • I just read in “Times of Israel” that ‘lawyers’ have told Bibi it would be illegal under international law.

  8. I am not surprised by the reaction and utterances from Ban Ki Moon and “Odious Ashton”. The UN has proved from the inception of Israel that it is not well disposed to Jews and Israel.

    When listening to Ashton’s ill informed, biased and unoriginal comments regarding her antipathy to Israel et al – I wonder whether she was given the position to show potential future candidates how not to perform in a high ranking position, to be the resident EU clown, or whether in fact she was a mistake of creation.

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