Message from the site administrator

Sarah wishes to thank the many good people –from Israel, a host of overseas countries but mainly those from Ireland who dared defy the herd and not run with it – for their comments of support and encouragement, as well as for their input.  It is all very appreciated.

Sarah had tried to personally reply to the many who commented via the ‘contact me’ option. However, it is now becoming a veritable mission impossible. There are just too many messages to respond to.

So please don’t be disappointed if you do not receive a personal reply. What you write is greatly valued.

Not so, of course,  the heaps of outright hate mail sent Sarah’s way. Please be apprised that bullying, provocative goading and disgraceful insults will not muzzle her.

Nevertheless, to put an end to spiteful innuendo, Sarah makes it clear to all and sundry that she is not a Mossad agent and was not dispatched to Cahersiveen on a furtive and nefarious operation.

She does not habitually cart recording equipment with her while on vacation and the photographs were taken with the explicit permission of the one teacher who was there. Sarah deliberately did not publish his name or that of the school because this was not a personal attack.

She focused on the larger picture of the subtle anti-Israel seeds sown in distant places whose inhabitants are in no position to pass judgment on Israel’s struggle for survival and have no moral right to do so. Her message was geared to Israelis, to urge them to realize that our image is quite unconnected to how we conduct our affairs.

Thank you.