Another Tack: The real danger

It’s a decade since 9/11, an anniversary that must provoke uneasy thoughts everywhere – including, for instance, on US President Barack Obama’s perspectives.

But does it? Kadima headliner Tzipi Livni recently granted an interview to The Atlantic magazine in which she waxed ecstatic about Obama’s pressure on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and zealously recommended more.

It’s as if a cynical, self-willed disconnect from our realities caused Livni to forget her own tenure as foreign minister and rendered her bizarrely oblivious to Obama’s worldview.

Otherwise she’d have recalled that two years ago, when addressing Turkey’s parliament, Obama expressed profuse appreciation “for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over so many centuries to shape the world for the better, including in my own country.”

This is Obama’s recurrent and persistent theme. “We are not at war with Islam,” he has declaimed repetitively on numerous occasions. By inference, neither is Islam at war with America, or, for that matter with Israel – to say nothing of any other democracy where Muslim terrorists have set off an explosive device or two.

Suicide-bombing, we learn from the leader of the sole superpower, is a disagreeable felony of which anyone anywhere is capable – without infrastructure, broad backing, etc. Thus Obama has variously described the perpetrators of 9/11 as “a sorry band of men” or “some small band of murderers.”

Accordingly, what’s needed to counteract them isn’t resolute and rigorous self-defense – certainly not war – but something more akin to police action.

Indeed, when Osama bin Laden was terminated, it was along the lines of Melvin Purvis’s 1934 trap for John Dillinger. The “public enemy” was gunned down without trial or fuss, just as Osama would be decades later.
Like Dillinger, Osama – according to Obama – was just an obnoxious hood.

That’s why, when announcing bin Laden’s violent demise, the free world’s current commander-in-chief yet again made it his point to hone the message that “we are not – and never will be – at war with Islam.”

On the narrowest pragmatic plane, the sentiment isn’t entirely without merit. Why would America, Israel or any democracy desire to portray itself as taking on the whole Muslim world? The last thing we wish or need – or ever wished or needed – is a clash of civilizations.

But complicating our wishful thinking is the not-so-negligible matter of whether this is also how militant Islam interprets things. For the purposes of this deliberation, we can justifiably dispense with the charade of “moderate Islam.” At best – if it’s at all real and not an expedient-cum-fraudulent façade – Islamic moderation cowers abjectly in a murky twilight zone, mute and invisible.

The issue is whether vehement Islam, whose inflammatory rhetoric resonates worldwide, doesn’t regard itself as being in a war with us. Much as we abhor conflict, the choice isn’t exclusively ours.

If Islamists incite to battle, can we
make do with sitting back, trying to see their point of view, making nice and attempting to sooth their frenzy with brotherly blandishments? This precisely is Obama’s advice. It’s not merely his tactic – not even a strategy – but his outright ideology, the one Livni wants forced upon us.

Obama’s agenda is to remove the seeming pretexts for Muslim rage. This is where we come in, big-time. We, Israelis, are the much-demonized, purported fly in the Arab/Muslim ointment.

To judge from Obama’s glib patter, he unreservedly subscribes to the theory that all which kindles Arab/Muslim enmity toward Israel is the territories Israel won in the Six Day War (never mind that said war was waged in classic self-defense, imposed on a beleaguered small nation openly threatened with genocide).

Browbeaten, we play along, in the desperate hope that we’ll thereby gain a modicum of approval. Hence Netanyahu acquiesced, despite himself, to the two-state cliché instead of exclaiming that it’s nothing but a red herring – a propaganda ploy geared to divert international attention from much more sinister ultimate objectives vis-à-vis the Jewish state. Little Israel’s very existence ignites Arab passions, not its size.

But if Netanyahu assumed he’d secure a breather by mouthing the two-state mantra, he soon found himself faced with a new diktat – a return to the pre-1967 armistice lines. That’s the inexorable nature of concessions. One leads to another.

The land-swap supposed sweetener is in any case bitter, because the Arabs insist they’ll agree – maybe – only to a 5-percent exchange tops, and they want “quality trades.” In other words, there’s no point deluding ourselves that we’d avoid excruciating punishment.

The gist of it is that Obama demands we cede 95% of everything beyond 1949’s Green Line, and offer giveaways for the remaining 5%. These are surrender terms rather than the victor’s magnanimity. We often forget that we were forced to defend ourselves in 1967 and that we won.

Wholesale retreat would mean the wholesale need to re-house hundreds of thousands of uprooted Israelis, the encirclement of re-divided Jerusalem, and the rise of a new Hamastan – on the direct doorstep of most of us in densely packed central Israel.

Let there be no doubt: Hamas will triumph in Judenrein Judea and Samaria just as it did in Judenrein Gaza.
This is where Obama willy-nilly leads us, regardless of what soon happens at the UN. The General Assembly is merely a grotesque sideshow.

Our delegitimization is inextricably bound with Obama’s perception that there’s no conflict with Islam and that peace on earth and goodwill to all men would be at hand … if we weren’t in the way.

Just as Jimmy Carter’s credulity bequeathed us the Ayatollahs’ theocracy and spawned a belligerent Iran with nuclear ambitions, so Obama will leave us an Iranian proxy atop Israel’s soft underbelly.

This is what Kadima, Labor’s leftovers, Meretz and beyond abet. In at least Livni’s case, it’s for ill-disguised partisan self-interest. To hear her, our travails all begin and end with “Netanyahu’s intransigence.”

But what if she were to win? What if relatively less-harmful European leaders like Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, David Cameron and Silvio Berlusconi were replaced by more inimical sorts (as well they might be)? And what if Obama is reelected in 2012 (a scenario that mustn’t be written off)?

We might then witness best buds Tzipi and Barack reciting in wondrous harmony their profuse appreciation “for the Islamic faith, which has done so much… to shape the world for the better, including in my own country.” That’s the real danger.

16 thoughts on “Another Tack: The real danger

  1. Livni is just another example of how the secular mindset is a dead end for Israel.
    She has settled for dhimmi status and wants to lead Israel there with her.
    The best dhimmi Jew gets the nod from Washington to become the next P.M. of Israel and that is why Livni is showboating her massive talent.
    Turkey and now Egypt are demanding apologies from Israel because they see a greatly restrained and weakened dhimmi nation always appeasing them and assume Israel knows it’s new position under the Road Map process to war.
    The sooner Israel breaks free from the cursed U.S. led Road Map and stands firm in their unshakable national and spiritual values instead of serving dark forces camouflaged as friends the better it will be for Israel’s survival.
    Israel needs bold leaders not dhimmi’s,grasshoppers and followers of foreign interlopers and their destructive agenda.

  2. It is really a shame, that people like Livni have become traitors to their own country and people…
    Of course Islam is a violent ideology from its very beginning…Muhammad was a politician in the first place and he simply KILLED everybody standing in his way !
    Islam was started as a political enterprise to conquer land and to enslave the people of the won territories and the voice of Allah = the voice of Muhammad was the voice of a merciless dictator and it has never changed since its early days.
    Obama was born as the child of a Muslim and he was trained and indoctrinated as a Muslim and he IS a Muslim !
    When Nethanyahu speaks in the terms of a two state solution, it may very well be out of tactical reasons…has he not objected to Sharons Gaza eviction order ?
    Gaza has since then become the de facto state of the Palestinians and of course also a terrorist hub, but it is only a small one and it can be controlled by the IDF.
    The Gaza experiment could very well become the TWO STATE solution and the Arab settlers in Judea and Samaria will think twice to mount some large scale protests when Judea and Samaria will be declared part of Israel !
    Israel has the choice to do so and it CANNOT be hindered to do so…not by the US or the EU or the UN or the Arabs…!
    The world has changed since 1948…

  3. ” We often forget that we were forced to defend ourselves in 1967 and that we won.”. Mayleh, WE forget, but it is incumbent upon all of us in any and all contact with Americans, Israelis and Palestinians NOT TO LET THEM FORGET! Don’t let it be swept under the rug, don’t let those constant, sinister threats of early May ’67 be brushed off. Keep repeating the story of the fun and games on rooftops when the full horror of 9/11 was confirmed, Those bloody hands that had just murdered our citizen that were proudly displayed to the Photographer of Time magazine, and then just seemed to disappear in a cover-up.. We have all come to realize that because of our left-wing press, our PR is a joke, and most of the world is delighted to think the worst of us. WE have to keep on setting that unpalatable truth in front of everyone: The biggest problem in the entire Arab world is that Israel exists, and even worse, thrives.
    Marcella Wachtel

  4. “Kadima headliner Tzipi Livni recently granted an interview to The Atlantic magazine in which she waxed ecstatic about Obama’s pressure on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and zealously recommended more.”
    Imagine Neville Chamberlaine running around the world giving interviews to all and sundry and enthusiastically recommending putting pressure on Churchill to accept all Hitler’s demands.

  5. Israel has no need to commit political suicide and to carve up its own land !
    We all know, that there already exists a two state solution, as “Jordan” is de facto “Palestine” and when the illegitimate “king” of “Jordan” will finally be forced to step down, things will change dramatically…!
    But for now, there is this wicked fantasy to “create” a “Palestinian” state on Israels soil and to initiate the destruction of the Jewish state by the means of that process…!!!
    Israel can forestall this political catastrophe to happen, by simply ceding the sovereignity over Gaza to the “Palestinians”….it is beyond the shadow of a doubt, that these greedy morons will scramble to grab this opportunity and to declare victory over Israel and also the establishment of “FREE PALESTINE”…>>>the UN will support them immediately…
    From that point in time on, the whole PERSPECTIVE of the so called peace process will have changed irreversibly in Israels FAVOR…!!!!!

  6. There are a number, if not many Israelis who think as Livni does. Without that, Livni would not enjoy her leadership position as head of Kadima.

    For those who hold views adverse to Livni’s, it is short sighted to just attack her for her views.

    What then can be done to reach out to Livni’s supportive Israeli constituency and convince them to abandon her and her views, in favor of the views you espouse.

  7. ‘Israel can forestall this political catastrophe to happen, by simply ceding the sovereignity over Gaza to the “Palestinians”…’

    I don’t get your point ?
    Israel did that already and this is why we have Hamastan ,Gaza.

    Israel should have annexed Judea and Samaria back in 67′ and ‘gently’ pushed the Arabs into Jordan.Because of Israel’s soft approach in turning the Temple Mount back over to the death cult from hell and not annexing their ancient homeland,Islam take advantage of weakness,fear and timidity. The beggars and groveling defeatists of Israel NEED to be removed and replaced with lions with real sharpened teeth to deal with the swarming vultures from hell.
    Ehud and Shimon should have been removed long ago,they only encourage the enemy.

  8. To Marcel

    Israel has not conceded sovereignty in Gaza.

    Israel has only disengaged and evacuated all the Jews who lived in Gaza and removed its military forces from Gaza.

    Israel’s legal entitlement to close settlement in Gaza to reconstitute the Jewish National Home there pursuant to article 6 of the Mandate for Palestine and article 80 of the United Nations Charter still remains to be finally determined – as does its similar claim in Judea and Samaria.

    Gaza, Judea and Samaria comprise the remaining 5% of Palestine where sovereignty still remains unallocated between Arabs and Jews. The Arabs possess a sovereign state in 78% – called Jordan – whilst the Jews possess a sovereign state in 17% – called Israel.

    The 1949 armistice line separating Gaza and Israel remains just that – pending the determination of final borders between Israel and an Arab negotiating partner that claims to have the power and authority to negotiate those final borders and sign a peace treaty with Israel.

    • ‘Israel has only disengaged and evacuated all the Jews who lived in Gaza and removed its military forces from Gaza.’
      David Singer

      Israel has conceded sovereignty in Gaza in every sense of the word.

      Failure to act constitutes surrender to Islam and as we can see Israel is the new dhimmi in town.
      Israel not even having the common sense to maintain security over the Philadelphia crossing where this day surface to air rockets stolen from Qaddafi’s arsenal are making their way into Gaza to shoot down IAF jets and Helios’s and commercial aircraft of every sort out of B.G.I.A.

      Today Israel is too fearful to retake control and awaits a high death toll of Jews to do anything more than attack empty building and fields after warning leaflets have been dropped to warn the Hamas terrorists beforehand…all to please their pimps of no peace in Washington.

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  10. It should be clear by now that there is no such a thing as “Moderate Islam”. Isam is bellicose, conquerant, imperialistic and set, as ordered by the Coran to conquere the world to impose Islam. A “moderate Muslim” can only be one who does not follow Islam by the letter and as such only Muslim by name and dispised by the “real Islamists”. Confrontation is inevitable and compromise is futile. We should realise we are in a conflict of civilizations that Islam is definitely out to win It is up to us to decide if we will let them win. There is no middle way..we must defete and submit them.

  11. To Marcel and David

    My point is very simple…to give the “Palestinians” their state on the soil of Gaza and then to ANNEX Judea and Samaria !
    They would finally have “their” state (size doesn’t matter) and they could have a seat at the UN and talk big and the question of J+S would become a bilateral affair between Gaza-Palestine and Israel and it would no longer be an international affair…at least the whole thing would slowly but surely slip from the worlds headlines.
    Just think of the Khasmir conflict between India and Pakistan, it is ongoing since 1948, but as a BILATERAL affair and not an INTERNATIONAL one !
    Israel would win BIG politically and there would be NOTHING its enemies could do against its unilateral step…NOT to recognise the state of “FREE (Gaza) Palestine” would not be an option !

  12. Livni would sell her own mother to get the goverment, if she has to destroy Israel, divide Jerusalem and live under kassams, she will do it

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