Another Tack: Careful what you wish for


Some time back in the misty shadows of my Junior High days, I read W.W. Jacobs’ classic horror story “The Monkey’s Paw” – a pretty predictable spine-chiller of 1902 vintage. It opens when the White family’s cozy evening around the hearth is disrupted by a visitor who brings into the idyllic setting a mummified monkey’s paw from India, supernaturally empowered to grant its owner three wishes. The Whites are cautioned not to give in to temptation – but irresistibly they do, with ghastly consequences.

The narrative is preceded by an anonymous quotation: “Be careful what you wish for, you may receive it.”

Thus forewarned, I should have known better a number of years thereafter than to wish the area that at the time surrounded Tel-Aviv’s hectic Central Bus Station excised from the cityscape.

It was too Levantine for my youthful snobbery of yore. I used to joke that the only sliver of Eretz Yisrael which I’d cede – assuming Israel absolutely must make territorial concessions to attain peace – is the teeming Neveh Sha’anan neighborhood (whose name ironically means “placid oasis”).

SHOCKINGLY, MY wish came true. Tel-Aviv’s erstwhile hub has essentially been ripped out and commandeered (though, as was consistently proven true of all our territorial forfeitures, this one too bore no connection whatever to any semblance of peace). The entire quarter, once dominated by the old bus station, has become an expanding ex-territorial lawless sphere where few Israelis dare to tread.

Anyone who indeed inadvertently wanders there would be hard put to recognize it as even remotely Israeli. Squalid and foul, it’s packed with an exotic collection of denizens who infiltrated the country and most of whom originally hail from the southern hemisphere. The once-so-familiar streets are nothing short of an alien scene. This is Tel-Aviv’s seamy dark underside and to venture there is truly dangerous.

It’s the city’s worst crime hotbed, not in the least comparable to anything known elsewhere in the greater metropolitan area. Numerous robberies and violent rapes are routinely reported there but more doubtless go unreported.

Last year 68-year-old Esther Galili was brutally beaten to death by an Eritrean illegal, Ya’acub Bashir al-Fadel, on Rehov Hagra, around the corner from what had been her home for decades. The unprovoked gruesome attack was captured by surveillance cameras. Galili was the last Israeli on her street. All others fled in panic and even foreign occupants fear for their lives.

Like many of Neveh Sha’anan’s current residents, al- Fadel crossed into Israel illegally from Egypt. Nobody knows precisely who he is and what his past was, criminal or otherwise. Nonetheless, al-Fadel was described in much of the media as a “Sudanese refugee,” although bona fide refugees from the Sudan’s Darfur region constitute merely a negligible fraction of Tel-Aviv’s migrant sub-Saharan population.

The obligatory omnipresent “refugee” adjective is apparently geared to arouse sympathy, even if undeserved, and justify leniency. It’s the favorite politically correct ploy wielded by our homegrown self-appointed guardians of the collective conscience. They tend to be faithful followers of fads and – of course – incorrigibly left-wing.

They’re also typically haughty and, for all their sanctimonious airs, severely deficient in social solidarity. Thus when dwellers of Tel-Aviv’s more disadvantaged sections demonstrated against the creeping African takeover of their neighborhoods, they were disdainfully scorned as racists by elitist pseudo-idealists who themselves live in posh “refugee-free” zones.

These prosperous preachers further responded to their fellow Israelis’ grassroots outcry by organizing counter-demonstrations of a mélange of Third World economic migrants all claiming to be political refugees and cynically harping on Jewish Holocaust-born sensitivities.

Attributing such crude manipulation to arrogant aloofness alone is superficial and lets the manipulators off too easily. We must distinguish between far-Left manipulators and those who fall for their manipulations. True, the conceit of moral superiority does boost the feel-good factor for useful idiots who readily succumb to manipulation. But for the more extreme ringleaders there is a much deeper underlying motive.

Hardly gullible do-gooders, these ringleaders have a proven track record. They’re the very ones who serially scare public opinion against hanging on to even a scrap of territory won in the 1967 war of self-defense forced upon us. Pointedly omitting mention of this country’s nine-mile wide waistline and the acute vulnerability of its densest population centers, leftists warn that Israel will lose its Jewish identity should it fail to forthwith divest itself of all its strategic assets.

To hear them, since this country was indeed founded to afford Jews the one place on earth where they aren’t an endangered minority, even suicidal sacrifices are mandated to maintain said Jewish majority.

It was in the name of this Jewish majority that the Left inflicted the Oslo folly upon us in 1993. Yet few Israelis are aware that as part of its Oslo undertakings Israel had admitted 150,000 Palestinian Arabs ostensibly to facilitate “family reunions.”

Needless to say their numbers have since swelled and massively inflated Arab population proportions within Israel proper – all in the name of safeguarding the Jewish majority.

The political Left, moreover, bitterly battles legislation geared to prevent a further Arab influx into the Jewish state in the fraudulent guise of “family reunions.” The very notion that Israeli/Arab-Palestinian couples can “reunite” beyond the Green-Line grievously offends its sensibilities. Our Left hankers for the migration of ever-greater number of Arabs into our Jewish-majority midst – all in the name of that hallowed Jewish majority they purportedly champion.

Simultaneously leftist groups cannot abide the notion that Israel require its so-called peace partners to recognize its legitimacy as a Jewish state rather than as an undefined de facto entity and candidate for future Arabization.

However viewed, the common denominator between disingenuous left-wing slogans and contradictory left-wing actions is the weakening of Israel as a Jewish state

It’s time to acknowledge that anything which weakens Israel is eagerly espoused by left-wing manipulators – be it yielding territory to ever-implacable enemies, importing hostile Arabs, opposing legislation to reduce the danger of being overrun by would-be annihilators or even undermining efforts to stem the illegal (often Muslim) deluge from Africa.

According to police estimations presented to the Knesset by Police Asst.-Cmdr. Yoram Ohaion, 50,000 foreigners already inhabit Tel-Aviv, 12% of its total population. A million infiltrators are said to be on the way here via Egypt but left-wing propagandists paint assorted Ghanaians and Nigerians as Darfurians fleeing for their lives. They imply that we owe a solution here to every humanitarian plight and political conflict in the world.

They tell us that it behooves us to grant full citizenship rights to all who flock here illegally for whatever reason. They chant the Jewish-majority mantra but do everything to undercut that majority.

They should be careful what they wish for. If Jacobs is too old-hat, perhaps they should take their cue from rapper Eminem’s refrain:

“…be careful what you wish for

’ Cause you just might get it.

And if you get it, then you just might not know

What to do wit’ it, ‘cause it might just

Come back on you ten-fold.”

5 thoughts on “Another Tack: Careful what you wish for

  1. There should be a referendum,from the majority Zionist public, to resettle our leftist troublemakers and inciters BEFORE they destroy Zion.
    There is no doubt that the ringleaders know what they are doing, hell bent on our disintegration by whatever means possible.
    Be it through military castration, land capitulation, African/other illegal penetrations, or, downright aiding the enemy, they want the ‘Zionist entity’ gone.
    Simply put, it offends their leftist, anti-Zionist sensibilities for us to remain whole.Therefore, either the majority Zionist public wakes up and smells the creeping dangers within, or, we will be destroyed.
    At the same time, the ILLEGAL aliens must be forced out, no ifs and or buts-their woeful kiddies notwithstanding.The leftists can host them in Ramat Aviv, Herziliya, Kfar Shmaryahu etc for a FINAL farewell party.
    I offer the task of their removal to the Yassamnicks, the head busting police who spared NO mercy to the hapless Gush Katif Jewish CITIZENS!!They are certainly up to the task.

  2. The leftists (Jewish or otherwise) have proven time and again what reprehensible, fascistic antisemitic people they really are. They are a cancer in every sense of the word, bearing no resemblance whatsoever to the socialists that built the State in the 1920’s and 1930’s. In a better world, they would stand trial for treason and either face the noose or life in prison for their crimes. Likewise, the NGO’s would be expelled and Israel would voluntarily turn in it’s U.N. membership card. The Jewish People have many oppressors…

  3. Welcome back ,I missed you.The Jerusalem Post is just not worth reading without you and another other writer.
    It’s caught the deadly disease of the grasshopper tribe.

    With all the insanity overtaking Israel one has to wonder where the supposed right wing Likud non-leader is ?
    He is busy taking away the weapons,not from the Palestinian’s but from fellow Jews who happen to live in Judea and Samaria

    The Israeli voters elect someone who is supposed to govern with the agenda of the right and they get a phony who keeps moving Israel deeper into the dark pit.
    I think the reason for this is spiritual.
    As long as Israeli’s try and outdo the perversity and wickedness of the heathen nations every curse of Deuteronomy 28 will befall the nation.
    The flood of scorpions into Israel under the incompetence and inaction of Netanyahu and with the assistance of the suicidal,cursed grasshopper of the left is just that.
    It just proves beyond a doubt that there is no political solution for Israel’s serious problems.
    Only 1 solution everyone seems to be ignoring until it gets so unbearable and terrible.

    Deuteronomy 28
    ‘The alien who is among you shall rise above you higher and higher, but you will go down lower and lower.’

    ‘The LORD will send upon you curses, confusion, and rebuke, in all you undertake to do, until you are destroyed and until you perish quickly, on account of the evil of your deeds, because you have forsaken Me.’

  4. There are numerous reasons for cultural breakdown within countries, but as a general rule, importation of an appreciable number of those from a vastly different culture, who have no wish to assimilate(dare I use such a provincial word), speeds up the process. On my first trip to Israel, on our first evening off from our volunteer jobs, my fellow volunteers and I had dinner at a restaurant in central Tel-Aviv. We ate in an enclosed space, that protruded onto the sidewalk, and as we ate, we took in the sights and sounds of Tel Aviv, which starkly contrasted with what we saw the next day, the area around south Tel-Aviv’s Central Bus Station. Neve Sha’aanan, at the end of Allenby Road, seemed like a dead zone, where Somali and Eritrean immigrants walked aimlessly up and down the streets, or lounged on the benches and lawn chairs near an old stone police station. But now with the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War, perhaps the upsurge in Israeli nationalism will provide an opportunity for an overworked Israeli government to take a good, hard look at the no-go zone that’s been created by Eritreans and Somalis in south Tel-Aviv. And devise a solution that allows those who truly want to become Israelis to stay, while deporting the rest.

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