Another Tack: The Chicken Licken syndrome

It’s now up to Netanyahu to decide whether he’ll revive yesteryear’s resolve about Jerusalem or, like Chicken Licken, be licked by his own panicky prognostications.

Hillary is hopping mad about Israeli “insults” (no less). Barack Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden (some of whose best friends are Zionists), has warned us (at Tel Aviv University) that “the status quo is not sustainable.”

Obviously doubting our abilities to comprehend so weighty a message, he slowly and deliberately reiterated the portentous mantra with extra emphasis on the really important syllables, so that even dim-witted vassals can get the point and get scared.

Our left-leaning media did all they could to amplify the implicit intimidations. Opinion-molders prone to running with the pack and going with the flow were duly aghast with angst.

But upon cooler reflection, those of us with more than two weeks’ worth of historic memory might recollect that this is hardly the first time we received the harshest of warnings that time isn’t in our favor – heaven forefend – and that if we don’t rush to slash our own throats, our enemies might shortly decapitate us. Do we really want to lose our heads?

IN SEPTEMBER 2000, Hillary’s significant other, Bill, when he was still president, delivered the same warning in the same omniscient tone of we-know-better-than-you-what’s-best-for-you. It was at the Millennium Summit. “Like all chances, this one too is fleeting and there’s not a moment to lose,” Slick Willy wagged his disapproving finger. If we don’t do pronto as he wishes, he admonished, disaster would strike and the sky would come crashing down upon our thick skulls. He only tried to save us from ourselves. Just like Biden. For our own good.

Amazingly the sky is still hanging up there, as it did eons ago, contrary to the dark predictions that it wouldn’t.

Biden, dispatched here by his boss Obama to declaim the dire forecast, merely reenacted a shabby worn routine. Doubtlessly, he too was out to convince us that the state of our firmament is as precarious as Chicken Licken (a.k.a. Chicken Little) assessed after an acorn struck him. Young Licken reckoned on that occasion that the stratosphere had collapsed. His consequent hysteria infected Henny Penny, Cocky Locky, Goosey Loosey and Turkey Lurkey, all of whom joined his quest to locate the king and caution him.

Likewise converted to Biden’s doomsayer agenda were Ehud Barak and his Labor leftovers, Tzipi Livni and her Kadima coterie, Meretz (always first to cheer any bad news), superficial scribblers and tendentious talking heads, as well as a host of gullible “useful fools.” The danger is that infectious fear may have already crept into Binyamin Netanyahu’s heart. We elected him our prime minister in the trust that he is made of sterner stuff, but is he?

So far we’ve only seen him backtrack in trepidation – from his freezing Jewish construction in the Jewish heartland to instructing Jerusalem’s mayor to suspend development plans lest Arabs be outraged. If Arabs are outraged, the rest of the world is bound to reverberate with righteous indignation and the soundness of the sky might be tested.

SHEER CONCERN for the well-being of the heavens above led Bibi to refrain from attending the rededication of Jerusalem’s rebuilt Hurva Synagogue – until 62 years ago the Old City’s magnificent Ashkenazi house of worship. It was deliberately destroyed and burned by the Arabs who illegally conquered segments of Jerusalem, occupied them for 19 years and forcefully expelled their Jewish inhabitants.

The Hurva was built between 1857-1864 on the ruins of an earlier structure constructed by Rabbi Judah the Pious in the late 17th century (over a synagogue site dating to the second century). There wasn’t a wee murmur of protest about this wanton arson nor about the devastation of 57 other Old City synagogues by conquistador Arabs. Likewise, not a whisper of displeasure about Arabs ripping out Mount of Olives tombstones to construct public latrines. The international community was decidedly unbothered when for 19 years Jews were prohibited from praying at their holiest sites.

But the Jewish return was deemed a reprehensible violation of good conduct codes by which, we know, all other nations faithfully abide. Ravaging the Hurva was acceptable, but rebuilding it is a sin against pie-in-the-sky peace. It was pardonable to cast Jews out of the Old City, but their homecoming deserves unreserved condemnation.

Jerusalem was always one united city save for a 19-year illegality arising from an Arab invasion in violent breach of the UN partition resolution. While the world convivially tolerated Arab occupation of half of Jerusalem, it never recognized the residual Jewish hold even on the other half, west Jerusalem. In the spirit of skewed evenhandedness, the global consensus now is that the result of 1948’s illegal Arab invasion must be upheld and that Jews must be barred from anywhere that the invaders once occupied.

That’s why planning permits for 1,600 additional apartments in Ramat Shlomo irk the world. Ramat Shlomo isn’t in east Jerusalem but to its north, doesn’t encroach on Arab neighborhoods and its birth 12 years ago triggered no squawk. It’s situated on what were barren slopes that overlook the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Highway. Ramat Shlomo’s already existing 2,300 housing units were erected on vacant wasteland, dispossessing nobody. Currently 17,500 Jews reside there. They marry, give birth and their families grow. Is their neighborhood to be made judenrein because for 19 years Jews were barred from it?

If anyone owes an apology for rank insults, Obama, Biden and Clinton do for assuming they can dismiss 3,000 years of Jewish history in the city which Jews put on humanity’s map. This trio disrespects us and our sensibilities and in so doing raises Arab expectations and deepens Arab intransigence. With the world’s one superpower espousing the Fatah/Hamas line, why should Arabs evince the slightest flexibility? Obama has placed all the bargaining chips in Arab hands.

On May 29, 1995, post-Oslo and five months before his assassination, Yitzhak Rabin told the Knesset: “There is one issue on which there is no debate among us – the integrity of Jerusalem and the continuation of its cultivation and consolidation as Israel’s capital. I said so yesterday and will repeat it today: There are no two Jerusalems. There is only one. Jerusalem is not subject to compromise. It was ours, will be ours, is ours and so it will remain for ever and always.”

Only after Barak was elected and succumbed to the Chicken Licken syndrome was the world given to understand that Jerusalem is negotiable, divisible and surrenderable. It’s now up to Netanyahu to decide whether he’ll revive – in more than lip service – yesteryear’s resolve about Jerusalem or, like Chicken Licken, be licked by his own panicky prognostications.

Chicken Licken led his feathery followers right into the den of Foxy Loxy, who had no fear of the sky falling but had all the birdbrains for dinner. None of the alarmists survived, but sly Foxy was satisfied.

16 thoughts on “Another Tack: The Chicken Licken syndrome

  1. Like a homing pidgeon, Sarah zeroes in on the truth and never lets go.She eviscerates our enemies.

    While Israel has an alarming amount of cultural and historical revisionists, floating around hither and yon poisoning our discourse, we count on Sarah, Caroline Glick and a few others to set the historical record straight.

    Heaven help us if/when they retire.

  2. Sarah – thanks for telling us the Jerusalem story as it should be told every day three times a day for eternity till the message sinks in – not only to non-Jews but to Jewish doubters as well.

    0opps … sorry for the oversight. Jews actually do put out the message and have been doing it for centuries.

    Pity Obama,Biden and Clinton don’t pick up a Siddur in English to read the following:

    “And to Jerusalem , Your city, return in compassion and let Your presence dwell within it, as You have promised. And rebuild it soon in our days. Blessed be You
    God, the Builder of Jerusalem”

    Shock horror – a Jewish book using the words “build” and “rebuild” in the context of Jerusalem and written well before the 20th century to boot.

    The next thing we know our “friends” will be advocating the burning of our books.

    Funny thing – hasn’t that happened before?

  3. Sarah, times have changed for the worse. While I agree that the PM should not retreat as a result of US/Arab threats, the way your adversaries circle around you is ominous and it demands Israel’s strong response.

    There are several new elements in this crisis. One of them is the PA’s serious plan to declare unilateral independence. They have all the support they need.

    The other one is the fact that the Obama administration has crossed several important lines and shows no fear whatsoever of throwing Israel under the bus. Who’s going to care, they reason. Even lots of US Jews are vocal in their pro-Obama and anti-Israel views.

    That’s why I don’t consider this diplomatic crisis comparable to any other in the past. Your adversaries (governments and media) have ratcheted up the viciousness against you and Israel is more isolated than ever.

    Please, Sarah, don’t underestimate the danger ahead.

    The PM needs much more than to just to stand firm. He needs to be proactive and proclaim the annexation of all of Yesha.

    But before he does that, Israelis must make him understand that his future lies with the right. Were he to continue to buckle under US pressure, Israelis won’t ever forgive him. His career would be over. Too many broken promises.

    A couple of MKs have already expressed support for annexation. Tzipi Hotoveli is one of them. And there are several academics and writers who have outlined how this can be achieved without violating the rights of the Arab population.

    The US endgame is clear: to keep pushing until Israel is dismantled. After obtaining concessions on Jerusalem, it will be the demand for a corridor between Gaza and Ramallah (Hamas is becoming increasingly acceptable to the Quartet) splitting Israel in two, to culminate with the influx of Arab refugees into pre-1967 Israel. Let’s not forget that Olmert had agreed to all that already.

    Take the present situation very seriously and prevent the US intended acts by taking a bold step yourselves: Annex your land.

    It’s now up to the people of Israel to become forceful in their demands for the PM to do the right thing.

    PS – Congratulations, Sarah, for the creation of your own blog. We waited for it and finally got it! It’s great. Thank you!

  4. To #2 David Singer: I clicked on your website and your latest comment “The One State Solution is Unworkable”. By coincidence the One State Solution is exactly what I had just supported on my post #3.

    You propose the further partition of Yesha with an additional chunk of Israel to be given to Jordan. This is wrong in principle: it’s legally Jewish land. It is also impractical: it would go against the monarchy’s interests, and there would be absolutely no international support. Remember that the aim has never been a home for the Arabs of Judea and Samaria, but the dismantling of Israel.

    While it’s a fact that Arabs and Jews would have incompatible cultures and agendas within a One State Solution, the Jordanian Solution would shrink Israel and solve nothing.

    The Arabs from Judea and Samaria would simply take over the Jordanian government and rule from an even larger and chaotic Islamic Jordan instead of from a new Palestinian state with similar characteristics. The problems anticipated with the Two State Solution would simply change in geography and in size, but not in substance.

    Martin Sherman has published several articles on how Israel could deal with the increased Arab population, while always upholding their human rights. He just published a column on YNET entitled “Rethinking Palestine”. It’s full of good ideas.

  5. Sarah wrote;
    Obama has placed all the bargaining chips in Arab hands.
    No Sarah ,Israel has done this by not having any leaders with faith(spine)to stand up to Clinton,BushObama or the Arabs.
    Even Caroline Glick says in her latest column that it is not permissible for an Israeli PM to stand up against a sitting US president and win.
    If any sitting US president deserved the wrath of Israel is is he.
    She snatches defeat before the first blow.
    That is the grasshopper mentality that infects so much of Israel even those like her who should know better.
    Has the population been so successfully neutered that they are once again ready for the ‘Never Again’ Ovens ?

    The world is against the settlers.Israel should make them citizens number 1 and relegate the losers of hte left to second class status.
    Israels message to the world has been; Hey,Were easy to push around,push us more and more and we wil fold again and again.
    Why should the US risk harming relations with the Islamic world more than they already have when Israel makes itself such an easy target.
    Sarah ,its time to dump the faithless, secular,Jewish lite grasshoppers along with the chickens.Time to end their unbroken record of failure and incompetence.

  6. Israel can learn a valuable lesson from Iran.
    This cult of death who worship ha Satan have great faith in a big lie and are never intimidated by threats from the US.
    Melek David knew how to deal with giants unlike fearful Israel today which is always retreating and capitulating to any pressure.
    Threats and sanctions from the international community don’t worry Iran in the least and they don’t even stand for the truth as Israel does.
    And now the international pressure against Iran fizzles and amounts to nothing but an empty vacuum.
    Israel is the only nation which has an everlasting covenant with the Creator of the Universe but has no faith in Him as they only look to Washington and it’s 16 miserable years of failure for peace and is always intimidated and buckles under pressure from this ‘friend’.
    The ONLY way to peace has been there all along for Israel .
    If only Israel had done it this way at the beginning instead of making the US your chief hope,idol (false god)

    When is Israel going to get back to Tanach and stand by His word without folding ?
    That’s all Israel does these days,fold,fold,fold.
    Eventually Israel will be folded enough to fit into a cattle car.
    There is no peace for Israel without the Holy One of Israel.
    Amy is right.
    This is not about peace but dismantling Israel.
    It amazes me that you Israel have gone along with this farce for so long without ending it ?
    This is how Israel without God walks,fearful and obedient slaves.
    Dead Nation Walking.
    The globalists have decided that the creation of Israel in 1948′ was a mistake and they are fixing the problem with the help of Peres,Barak and CFR lackey Netanyahu.
    That is why there is no pressure on Hamastan or Fatahland and only on Israel.

    Exodus 23
    ‘I will send My terror before you and will throw into confusion all the people to whom you shall come, and I will make all your foes turn from you [in flight].
    And I will send hornets before you which shall drive out the Hivite, Canaanite, and Hittite from before you.
    I will not drive them out from before you in one year, lest the land become desolate [for lack of attention] and the wild beasts multiply against you.
    Little by little I will drive them out from before you, until you have increased and are numerous enough to take possession of the land.
    I will set your borders from the Red Sea to the Sea of the Philistines, and from the wilderness to the river [Euphrates]; for I will deliver the inhabitants of the land into your hand and you shall drive them out before you.
    You shall make no covenant with them or with their gods.
    They shall not dwell in your land, lest they make you sin against Me; for if you serve their gods, it will surely be a snare to you.’

  7. Another Tack was the first article by you that I have read. I found it impressive on many levels, including historical factual support, unreprentant conclusions from facts and a moral indignation not seen often enough.
    > Will Netanyahu be strong enough? He\’s in a tough spot. Obama can have US soldiers shooting at Israelis in a matter of minutes. I will seek out your work. warm regards

  8. Obama says that his Hebrew name is Baruch for blessed. I think that he has a gap in his education.

    As I remember, Rahm (as in Emmanuel) goes with Barak which translates to LIGHTNING. The last character that I remember going by the name of LIGHTNING was on a 1950’s TV series of dubious political correctness played by Horace (Nick O’Demus) Stewart.

    Just to put the record straight, let me state emphatically that I do not suggest that we refer to the American President as Lightning.

  9. Commenting on a report by H. Kenon published in the JPost shortly before Israel launched operation Cast Lead against the Hamas in Gaza, I have mailed this letter to the JPost editors:
    ” Mr. S. Peres was reportedly urging his colleagues in the cabinet meeting to keep things in proportion and perspective in dealing with the Kassams.. He was also quoted telling the ministers that “since disengagement, only (sic) 15 people have been killed”. Such an abhorrent statement is not surprising for a man of Mr. Peres stature and experience. Not so long ago, when buses kept blowing up in other peoples’ faces, our Nobel Laureate coined the immortal Korbanot Hashalom (Sacrifices for Peace) , which was meant, of course, to “explain” the carnage as an INEVITABLE part and parcel of the Oslo Peace Process. For a person immersed in such grandeur , “15 off” must have been small-change… ” We were talking then about the man who would be King – sorry, President.

  10. Most people outside of Israel understand that the anti-Semitic “Islamic hayseed” in the Whitehouse is your enemy. When will the people of Israel understand this as well?

  11. # 4 Amy

    I appreciate your sentiments but if the world wants to see a two- state solution then that solution can only occur within the carve up of the West Bank between Jordan and Israel within the framework of their already existing signed and sealed peace treaty.

    You say there would be no international support for such a proposal.

    Lets wait and see after the rubbish posited by Obama and his mates in the Quartet for creating a new Arab state between Jordan and Israel comes to its final resting place – as it inevitably must.

    You say the Arabs from Judea and Samaria would take over the Government of Jordan. I think Jordan and Israel would adopt a contrary view and ensure it did not happen.

    Somehow Jews and Arabs have to be separated as far as possible because the hatred and enmity will not dissipate. Making the Arab residents of the West Bank citizens of Jordan is the only realistic alternative.

    Such a settlement would accord with history,geography
    demography and international law.

  12. To #11 David Singer: Something you don’t take into consideration is that there is no time to propose or implement your plan.

    Never mind that it’s not a good plan. There just isn’t the time to develop another proposal that involves the agreement and cooperation of other countries.

    By this time next year the surrender of Yesha may be in its advanced stages. Yesha and E. Jerusalem will be lost by diplomacy or by UN recognition of the Palestinian state. And it will be done within two years. Israelis have been put officially on notice!

    Think how much has been lost since Netanyahu took over: official construction freeze all over Judea and Samaria; unofficial freeze all over E. Jerusalem (nothing has been built); PA gains in E. Jerusalem (PA police patrol and administer the area); ratcheting up in the character assassination campaign against Israel; US government’s open diplomatic warfare against Israel. And this list is growing daily.

    There is only one way out of this mess: One State. Declare all of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem under full Israeli sovereignty, while promising full human rights to the Arabs living there, and eventual citizenship (depending on their willingness to become law-abiding Israelis, of course).

    This act would be based on international law. It’s time to dust off the documents that prove Judea and Samaria are legally Israeli land.

    Of course, nothing can be accomplished as long as the Likud MKs and their PM continue to play a game of pretend. Netanyahu pretends he’ll stand tough on Jerusalem and the Likud MKs pretend they believe him.

    Just today (March 21) it’s been announced that while the PM tells Israelis he will continue to build in Jerusalem, he has agreed to negotiate with the White House on all core issues, including Jerusalem, refugees, etc.

    If Israelis can’t even make their own PM conform to their wishes, how are they going to persuade the Jordanians, the Americans, the Arabs, the Europeans, etc., etc., to cooperate on any other plan that involves the Jordanians.

    What many people still don’t get is that the real aim of those countries is not a Peace Solution and a homeland for the Arabs living in Judea, Samaria and refugee camps in Arab countries, but the dismemberment of Israel.

  13. #13 Amy

    1. The one state solution is going to be pushed by the Arabs when the two state solution is consigned to the garbage bin. That alone should give you cause to wonder why and to reflect on such a solution. Reuniting – rather than separating – the Jewish and Arab populations is a recipe for total disaster.
    2. The Mandate did not provide for the creation of Arab political rights in Palestine – only civil and religious rights. To enforce that prohibition in 2010 would not be tolerated nor acceptable. Trying to stop an Arab from the West Bank going to live in Haifa would be impossible under your one state scenario. To stop a West Bank Arab voting for members of the Knesset would be impossible. Let the West Bank Arabs go and live in Amman if they want to move or let them live where they are at present and let them vote for the Jordanian Parliament. That is called self determination. They should be given the right and the opportunity to exercise those rights in an Arab state – not the Jewish state.
    3. Don’t be scared by self imposed deadlines sprouted by ignorant politicians. Remember the timelines in the Oslo Agreement, the Roadmap and the countless deadlines and solemn pronouncements since that have all proved baseless?
    4. Don’t be carried away by your own rhetoric. There is no official construction freeze all over Judea and Samaria. There is a partial freeze in relation to residential construction but still 3500 housing units are being completed. There is no freeze on schools, houses, or commercial buildings in Judea and Samaria.
    5. What is your evidence for claiming:
    (i) There has been no building in East Jerusalem?
    (ii) The Palestinian police patrol and administer the area?

    Your rush headlong into proposing a one state solution will create far more problems than it would solve.

  14. Congratulations on finally having a Website that showcases Sarah’s marvellous writing! I hope it is picked up by other sites, & disseminated worldwide.

    I absolutely agree with Amy #3: This is about the gradual strangulation & destruction of Israel, exactly like the US did to South Vietnam. At this pace, Israel will not exist in 2-3, maximum 5 years.

    It also fits into a far bigger picture of geopolitical quasi colonialism, Obama’s domestic agenda, BHO’s psychology, US international debt, budget deficit, & international “Business as usual”. Common Anti Semitism, Israel hatred, & political “short termism” multiplies it.

    The US is currently swearing its everlasting loyalty (just like with South Vietnam in the 70’s), while backstabbing & arm twisting its most loyal, dependant ally. It started 6-8 months ago, with Rahm Emanuel placing ridiculous demands, & a 3rd tier US UN functionary demanding Israel sign the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. It has continued & accelerated from the peripheral, & is moving toward the core of Israel’s existence.

    1. Iran (& several others, like Syria & NK) are a client states of China & Russia. China’s development is dependent on oil supplies, which is why it has gone to the fringes of the ME (supporting Sudan, for example) to obtain it;

    2. The 3 largest external US Treasury debt holders are China, Japan, & Saudi Arabia (not in that order). Japan is also dependent on ME oil (remember the Arab-Japanese trade boycott of Israel of the 60s-80s?);

    3. BHO’s DECLARED INTENTION was to “reset” US relations with worldwide Islam. There are 1.5 BILLION Muslims worldwide, 15 Million Jews, only 5.5 million in Israel. What better way to pander to Islam than to castrate or destroying Israel?

    4. The US national debt is ~$13 TRILLION+, & rising rapidly. Factoring in State, Municipal direct debt & unfunded liabilities (actions enacted without allocation of funding), it is ~$125 TRILLION DOLLARS. If you add Medicare, Social Security, & inflation, it is probably much more. The US annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is ~$14 Trillion per year.

    The US is on the verge of losing its AAA rating, although it may be seen internationally as “Too big to fail”. It is living on an international credit card, & unilaterally keeps raising its limit. It is currently being run by Aging Hippie, Vietnam Era Baby Boomers, who have lived for decades off their grandparent’s post WW II work, enjoyed the greatest economic & social expansion in human history, & are now selling their children & grandchildren into financial slavery.

    Basically, it is an aging, staggering, drunken heavyweight, who is begging from enemies, & abusing its friendships, while living on its past glory.

    The US budget is a Ponzi scheme, which because of its size, (previous) manufacturing wealth, inability & political unwillingness to see the hyenas circling; & outright, politically motivated management incompetence, is mortgaging the US to anyone who will fund its spending addictions, while reducing any political strength the US has;

    5. It is currently being increased by the Health Care bill, which will be the US’s coffin final nail. It adds AT LEAST $3.5 TRILLION to the US deficit (take into account Congressional add-ins, interest on debt funding, inefficiencies, & bloated, exploding bureaucracy. Ignore the CBO estimates-they are a farce;

    6. Obama’s psychology stemming from a broken family, multinational upbringing, radical political mentors, internationalist “post US” perspective, lack of experience, & the narcissism of being the ego stroked, perpetual protégé of grandparents & “Affirmative Action” is a major part of this.

    He operates from ideological fanaticism, inner weakness, slyness, cunning, feeling of victimhood, & ethnic entitlement.

    Unfortunately, you cannot dismantle the “hard wiring” of childhood chaos, upbringing & indoctrination. Look at “Adult Children of Alcoholics” (or similar psychology tracts about children raised in dysfunctional families), adult refugee conduct, products of cultural upheaval, moving societies & cultures (particularly around puberty).

    Effectively, he is a well trained, Teflon coated chameleon, & a “Manchurian Candidate”.

    By eliminating or castrating Israel, he supports China, & its further purchase of US Bonds.

    Japan needs the US-where else will it sell, & who will protect it? N Korea threatens it, & the Pac Rim is another area of waning US influence. Putin wants to resurrect the USSR power, sell weapons, & threaten choking gas & oil to Europe, while expanding eastward;

    7. Generally, it will be far easier to do “Business as usual” without that “shitty little country” getting in the way. Remember, all you need is a tipping point of fear, paranoia, & weakness to create a massacre-something we are seeing now;

    8. After Israel is gone, Saudi Arabia becomes the next US protectorate from Iran (Sunni-Shia, etc) & of course, can sell oil cheaply to the US, influence OPEC, & continue to buy US debt.

    SA is the primary target if Iran takes over ME hegemony. What is better for a staggering, power hungry, 800 kg gorilla than having a loyal, competent ally (like Israel)?

    Having a fearful, needy, dependant, paranoid, subservient one! After Israel, Saudi Arabia (& Egypt) are the next targets.

    With a Chicago street hustler bully, the only defence is not taking a single step back. They only go away when they are kicked in the teeth. You may get a beating, but you earn respect.

    Israel will need to go through accepting “National Adulthood”, but it is surprising how many friends a good person/society/country has when they sever the addictive, co-dependant, destructive relationship. Taking the first step is the important part, like leaving an abusive partner. It is hard, but possible;

    9. Judaism (& its extension, Israel) will always be hated.

    Judaism brought the world The Ten Commandments, which is essentially social adulthood-a code of social conduct, personal inhibition & responsibilities. Monotheism (a single, abstract, omnipotent God) is probably the single greatest abstract concept in human history. The world (& Islam) prefers the lowest common denominator of conquest, subjugation, & warrior like behaviour. Responsibilities, reason, & social inhibitions are constantly being torn down by power, greed & short term interest.

    DON’T FORGET, the Enlightenment & Renaissance were only 500 years ago. About every 1000 years, humanity goes through a Dark Age.

    With Obama’s attacks on Israel, other allies, the US Constitution, & US government process, the greatest bastion of freedom, rationality, human spirit & aspirations is going down the road of totalitarianism & disintegration.

    The next step is pumping up Democratic Party hold on power, by an amnesty of poor, illegal immigrants, the Dem’s natural constitutiency for “Social Justice” & debt funded government “entitlements”;

    10. Obama is not just an existential threat to Israel.

    He is a threat to the US’s existence as a democracy, world beacon, & superpower, & Western civilisation as a whole.

  15. Clinton :US COMMITMENT TO ISRAEL ROCK SOLID,7340,L-3866317,00.html

    Crock Solid as the US commitment to South Vietnam was after more than 50 thousand US soldiers gave their lives there for nothing but corrupt, lying politicians like you.
    Stop the lies Hillary.
    Your actions do not line up with your words and your land for peace agenda has been a complete failure as Gaza shows all of us.
    It’s time for you to make painful choices and stop playing to the Islamic world at Israel’s expense.
    Stop demanding more from Israel when you demand nothing from the Arab world,especially their Palestinian front line jihadists.
    Release Jonathan Pollard and stop trampling Israel’s sovereignty.
    No more concession’s from ISRAEL.
    The time is long overdue for Islamic / Palestinian concessions.
    You made Gaza what it is today with your failed land for rockets and jihad war policy so don’t ask us to do anything more.
    Fix your mess there and in your own country and we will annex Judea and Samaria as we should have done long ago.
    Real friends don’t ask real Jews to divide Jerusalem.

    A sad reality
    The sad truth is that most Israeli’s will fall for these lies, especially Netanyahu and his fellow politicians who are easily entranced by the powerful fumes in Washington.
    The empty suit’s at the AIPAC Wine and Dine Club (which hasn’t even the clout to get Jonathan Pollard released) will clap and prostrate before their many gods of the West.
    These faithless and failed useful idiots have no one else to turn to so they keep falling for the same lies again and again.
    These spineless and always capitulating secular Israeli leaders are a reflection of Israel’s sickly spiritual condition as they are always easily fooled by these huckster politicians who stand for nothing and lie with a straight face.
    Israel keeps electing them again and again.

  16. #14 David:

    “Chicago street hustler bully” vs. “shitti little country”.. WOW!
    We stand DIVIDED, easy prey for BHO and assorted Israel-bashers (mostly Jewish). We’ll dump all we have overboard but we’ll always have Jerusalem (UNITED?). Or so we pray.. During our long history there have always been renegades among us Jews, yet in the newly established sovereign Jewish state treachery seems to be pandemic. Realpolitik is cruelly exercised by the first post-American president, while post-Zionist Jews float up there in the air , serene, fiddling, and sometimes looking quite happy (Chagall). Bafflingly, they don’t seem to look DOWN…
    With their eyes wide open, they seem oblivious of the ill omen on the horizon:
    Das Shtetl brennt…

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