Another Tack: Khartoum’s three ‘no’s’- the Ramallah version

Our media – forever plying an advocacy agenda and tendentiously promoting hyped humbug – showed no interest in focusing on Ramallah figurehead Mahmoud Abbas’s latest song and dance. Denied resonance, the story expired virtually unnoticed.

Most Israeli news-consumers were highly unlikely even to have detected any fleeting resemblance between Abbas’s three “no’s” and the three “no’s” enunciated so bombastically in Khartoum exactly 44 years and one day ago.

Representatives of all Arab League members and the PLO hobnobbed in Sudan on August 29, 1967, soon after the Six Day War. On September 1, they published their resolution, popularly dubbed “the three no’s”: “no peace, no recognition, no negotiation with Israel.”

It would serve us well to recall that this was when Israelis delusionally awaited, as Moshe Dayan phrased it, “a phone call” from Arab leaders. We sincerely convinced ourselves that given the new circumstances in the region, there’s no alternative for the Arab world but to shake off its refusal to accept Israel and to effect a lasting reconciliation.

Had the Arabs operated according to our patterns of logic, this indeed should have been the outcome. But the idealistic expectations that our enlightened rationale would guide the reactions of others were (and, alas, still are) pie-in-the-sky. Then-foreign minister Abba Eban promised we’d be “unbelievably generous in working out peace terms.” In direct talks with official Arab interlocutors, he stressed, “everything is negotiable.”

This past August 27, two days short of the anniversary of the Khartoum summit’s opening, Abbas chose to echo its rejectionist sentiments. He announced three “no’s” of his own: no to recognizing a Jewish state, no to tolerating Jewish settlement blocs and no to forgoing the demand that Israel be overrun by untold millions of hostile Arabs (marketed to all and sundry as the Right of Return).

This is all fundamentally significant, not least because we find ourselves at the outset of what we’re told will be a fateful September – the month in which a great tsunami will violently engulf us both in the diplomatic arena (at the UN General Assembly) and right on our own turf (via orchestrated terror campaigns touted as grassroots demonstrations).

Abbas has just definitively defined what it’s all about, even if we were distracted and loath to listen to him – as we almost always are.

Speaking on the eve of a last-ditch EU meddling effort geared to initiate another negotiation round before Abbas’s projected UN extravaganza, he set conditions. He’ll agree to talks if their outcome is fully determined a priori and imposed on Israel.

He’ll send his representatives to palaver with Israeli negotiators if Israel consents beforehand to shrink back to the 1949 armistice lines and if it ceases forthwith all “settlement” construction, including in beyond-Green-Line Jerusalem neighborhoods. The construction freeze, needless to emphasize, applies to Jews only – in the spirit of goodwill to all men (except for some).

This, in effect, is Abbas’s counterpart to Khartoum’s no-negotiation stipulation. Abbas has set up a hurdle so high that it becomes unsurpassable and thereby makes further negotiations unfeasible.

Next comes Abbas’s present-day equivalent to Khartoum’s no-recognition proviso. While not identical in wording, its bottom line is no different from its 44-year-old prototype. Abbas repeated insolently that recognition of Israel as a Jewish state is out of the question – not now, not ever, no way, nowhere, under no condition.

This isn’t a semantic quibble. It means refusal to accede even to the 1947 UN Partition Resolution minimum, which determined that the Jewish people deserve a state. To crush said resolution, seven Arab armies attacked newborn Israel but lost, triggering their piteous lamentations to this day.

As long as the very notion of the rightful existence of a Jewish state is denied, the irredentist ambition to eradicate Israel as a Jewish state will fester and rule out even a remote likelihood of lasting peace.

The Arabs’ current tactic is to admit that a state called Israel is a reality in their midst, even if an unwelcome one. But current realties can be changed. If Israel is judged as illegitimate, then the temptation will forever remain to eliminate this illegitimacy. Hence refusing to accept the rightful existence of a Jewish state is nothing less than proclaiming the intention to keep on challenging and destabilizing it till a more convenient opportunity presents itself to wipe it off the map altogether.

This is a potent, dominant and recurring Arab theme – not pedantic hair-splitting by a deliberately obstructionist Israel. Herein lies nothing less than the core issue. At stake isn’t the creation of a second Arab state in original Palestine (Jordan, occupying some 80% of the British Palestine mandate territory, being the first).

What actually hangs in the balance is the ongoing survival of the Jewish state. The Palestinian ploy, in fact, is nothing but a weapon to wield against the Jewish state, foremost by disguising the antagonistic aims against it.

Yesteryear’s uninhibited bluster about throwing the Jews into the sea was a public relations flop. However, the reverse is true for the new-style upmarket prattle that portrays Jews as ogre conquistadors who deny the ancient Palestinian nation the self-determination forcibly usurped from it.

This canard goes over big. It seemingly doesn’t offend liberal niceties, while appealing to the postmodern zeitgeist and to that latent Judeophobia still lurking sinisterly throughout Europe.

How will this veiled plot to obliterate Israel be carried out? Here we arrive at Abbas’s third “no.” His tool will be the Right of Return, i.e., the right uniquely reserved for assumed descendents of so-called Palestinian refugees to inundate Israel. This will render it ripe for full Arabization, shorn eventually of any shreds of Jewish identity – down to the last vestiges, like its name, emblem, flag and national anthem.

We won’t even raise the macabre specter of bloodshed. Little imagination is demanded of anyone who knows the history of this country since the mid-19th century and the accompanying shouts of itbah el-yahud (slaughter the Jews).

Finally, the rejection of settlement-bloc compromise should squash any lingering pipe dreams among Israelis hoping that it’s possible to reconcile Abbas’s insistence on the 1967 demarcations with Israel’s inability to again compress itself, ever-vulnerable, into those existentially threatening confines.

Abbas delivered an inconsiderate kick in the teeth to those of us who clutch at hallucinations about land-swaps that would leave us with significant settlement blocs.

His non-start preconditions are that we squeeze ourselves back into what super-dove Eban dubbed “the Auschwitz lines,” that we forget about Jewish state legitimacy and that we agree to the Arab takeover of the defenseless-cum-illegitimate entity provisionally going under the name of Israel.

Remember, besides rudely spurning Israel’s outstretched hand in 1967, the Khartoum conferees underscored their three “no’s” by reaffirming “the Palestinians’ right to regain the whole of Palestine,” i.e., destroy the State of Israel.

That was precisely Abbas’s message last week – albeit in somewhat more discreet words. Still, what was, is what is –even if we don’t like it. 

5 thoughts on “Another Tack: Khartoum’s three ‘no’s’- the Ramallah version

  1. We know the Arab agenda to exterminate Israel in every horrific way that have available and it’s no secret,in fact it’s loud and clear and the West knows this as well.
    So when is Israel going to get off the phony peace scam of the West and let everyone,especially the Arabs know you are really,really,really serious about ‘never again’ ?
    Right now with your confused leaders on the appeasement track you’ve got them believing you’re not serious at all.

  2. The name of the game hasn’t changed since 1967, it is still: “To be or not to be” for Israel.
    The Arabs are lurking and they even feel no need to disguise themselves, as just proven by the more than clear words of the Holocaust denier Mr. Abbas, a man as bad as Yassir Arafat. Israels bottom line of self defense has to be the annexation of Judea and Samaria and every other strategy is political child play and endangers the very existence of the Jewish state.To keep ALL of J+S and not only the so called settlement blocs, must be the primary political goal for Israel. OSLO IS DEAD, it always was !
    Israel HAS J+S, why should it commit political suicide and surrender it’s own land to it’s mortal enemies ?
    The Arabs are held at bay for now, because Gaza is under Israels gun, it can be controlled, but a terrorist entity located in Israels heartland would be the beginning of the end for the Jewish state !
    Israels position is sor far better than in 1948, compared to the existential threat of it’s founding days, the UN bid of Mr. Abbas is not even worth to be mentioned.

  3. “Our media – forever plying an advocacy agenda and tendentiously promoting hyped humbug – showed no interest in focusing on Ramallah figurehead Mahmoud Abbas’s latest song and dance.”
    Melanie Phillips called Israeli HASBARA “a joke,” greatly suprising her Israeli TV interviewer who queried her in shock to make sure that was really what she meant to say. This reaction alone tells us a lot. Ms Phillips’s comment was in fact an example of a typical English understatement: she must have meant “a bad” or even “a nightmarish” joke.
    One can not expect much success in a country’s existential battle to defend itself in the field of foreign media when its own state media do everything to destroy it from within, habitually concealing the murderous intent of its enemies.

  4. The Arab/Muslim mentality cant even get along with their own constituency! 50,000 killed in Lybia and still counting in Syria. Let’s face it..True Peace is an illusion in the Middle East. Throw in Iran and Pakistan and Turkey? Non Arab/Muslims who aint exactly in love with Arab Muslims, and we got a looming war of some kind and it wont be tanks and infantry! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! What was that town in Japan..oh yeah HIROSHIMA!

  5. How much longer can Israel maintain a low diplomatic profile?

    The increasingly belligerent stance of Turkey and Egypt, threatening ambassadorial expulsions
    and sanctions, demanding apologies and compensations have doubtless emboldened Abbass
    to embrace the hard line of his predecessor. We must hope that the Israeli’s will counter
    these threats with tough stands on each issue.

    Turkey must not be allowed to forget the apologies the Armenians have been awaiting for
    nearly a century. What compensations have they received?

    Even The U.N.’s analysis of the Flotilla incident have affirmed Israel’s right to defend itself.
    The Turks who died were not innocents who demonstrated peacefully, but
    radicals who attacked the Israelis with knives and steel bars. The Israeli commandos received
    permission to defend themselves. The Turks need to be paid back in like coin.

    The Egyptians also owe Israel apologies for its shoddy border security
    that invited the terrorists from Gaza to infiltrate into Egyptian to attack
    Israel’s southern border, killing eight.
    Who will compensate the families of the Israelis that were murdered?

    Nothing can be gained by seeking to placate hard-core enemies.
    “Peace in Our Time” will not come through appeasement.
    That is the lesson the Jews paid for with 6 million dead.
    Never Again!

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